Guillermo Pousada, a renowned Canguean researcher who spoke about his battle with cancer, has died at the age of 40.

Guillermo Pousada, a renowned Canguean researcher who spoke about his battle with cancer, has died at the age of 40.Gonzalo Nunez

“Today, September 5, It’s been exactly a year since I was diagnosed. Epidermoid carcinoma of the buccal mucosa and retromolar triangle (T2N0M0). Back then I believed that I wouldn’t live to see Christmas with cancer, which would be as easy as shelling pears… How wrong I was! But here I am still FIGHTING.


This tweet was written Guillermo PousadaFernandez (Kangas, 1984) six months ago. A young researcher from the city of Morrasense took refuge on social networks as an outlet to talk about his struggle since the day he was informed about his illness: I had cancer of the floor of my mouth.

This Sunday, February 25th, Hiller, as he was called, their family and friendspassed away, leaving behind a professional legacy worthy of recognition, but above all, a courageous and painful first-person testimony of the complex process he faced during these one and a half years, which he captured on his social networks. Publications in which he showed his the most vulnerable side voiced his disappointmentsCelebrated small battles won and fought every day with the disease that He finally committed suicide.

This digital diary of sorts began 20 days after his diagnosis, in September 2022, just as he had his first surgery. He was 38 years old. Many people were interested in his case, so almost a year after the first publication, he decided “create a thread of important topics or tweets so you can see and read how my nightmare began and continued in chronological order”

Graduate of Biology with a specialization in Basic Sciences and Health and Doctor of Human Genetics and Molecular Biology, specializing in genetic and molecular research of rare diseases, University of Vigo, this researcher is from O MorrazoWhatHe received the Best Doctoral Dissertation Award for his work on the genetic and molecular basis of pulmonary arterial hypertension and has received several recognitions and awards for several published articles, mostly related to bronchopneumology research and analysis. A great career with high goals, especially when he received his national award for the best young researcher in the field of HIV.

At that time, Guillermo worked at the Health Research Institute of Galicia Sur (IISGS) and in the Infectious Diseases Group of the Research Institute, and also participated in HIV counseling from Alvaro Cunqueiro.

Then his city proudly published the award received by one of its most illustrious neighbors. Today Kangas mourns his death. This Monday, family, relatives and friends said goodbye to him at the former Collegiate Church Santiago de Cangaswhere the funeral of his eternal rest was held and he was then cremated in the privacy of his family.

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