Hacking adventure Go Fight Fantastic! Coming to PC via Steam on March 26th

Independent Swedish publishing house A kind of brave funin collaboration with Dinomite Games, today announced the release of its co-op arcade game for 1-3 players, Go ahead, fight fantastically!will be released on PC via Steam on March 26, 2024. To celebrate this news, the demo has been updated with new content to coincide with the release Steam Remote Play Together Event.

Go ahead, fight fantastically! “It reflects the spirit of teamwork and collaboration that we value very much in our team,” said Alexander Benitez, CEO of Kinda Brave Entertainment:

“Adventure through incredible locations with intense combat and secrets to uncover. Alone or with friends, thanks to Go Fight Fantastic!’s creative characters, you’ll never be alone!

In the game Go Fight Fantastic! fight with 6-chapter story mode with friends or alone, with an intuitive real-time character switching mechanic that allows you to quickly solve any problem. Whether teaming up to save Bird Planet from an alien invasion or testing individual skill in the endless arena of Horde Mode, players will be immersed in immersive gameplay with the opportunity to compete for the highest score on the world’s highest level.

Each of the 4 playable characters has a unique skill set and playstyle representing classes Tank, Healer, Fighter and Archer. As players delve deeper into this epic adventure, they will be mesmerized by the beautiful hand-drawn world of the Bird People, engaging in deadly encounters and epic boss battles in six different areas.

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Each game promises new experiences. Dynamic randomization provides a variety of locations, enemy encounters, and upgrade options, allowing players to hone their combat skills.

Go ahead, fight fantastically! will be released on Steam on March 26th. However, eager fans can try out the updated and polished demo now as part of the Steam Remote Play Together event, which runs until February 19th. During the event, players will have the opportunity to watch a stream from the developer, revealing exclusive, never-before-seen content from the game’s second chapter.

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