Hailee Steinfeld’s appearance at Josh Allen’s game sparks speculation among fans

Hailee Steinfeld and Josh Allen have easily become one of the most popular couples in the NFL. Mainly low-key and away from the public eye, Steinfeld continued to show his support by attending several Buffalo Bills games. Of course, Steinfeld and Allen remain private and fans often spot them hanging out.

Fans, of course, can’t stop speculating and discussing the actress’s recent performances. Some linked it to Allen’s ex Brittany Williams, while others immediately noticed the ring on Hailee Steinfeld’s finger.

Hailee Steinfeld at a Bills gameHailee Steinfeld at a Bills game
Hailee Steinfeld at a Bills game

Paige, Shane Buechele’s wife, posted a photo with Hailey and everyone gathered to enjoy the NFL game. That being said, one Reddit user quickly identified a possible engagement ring.

“Wait, is that ring on Hailey’s left hand?” written by the user.

When several people found Steinfeld’s connection to Allen’s family a bit “harsh,” another fan came to the couple’s defense:

“Josh and Hailey have been together for a while. It’s not “new” anymore. I don’t get the feeling that Brittany is mad at them. This is a strange situation for some pranksters, and there’s probably a good reason for it. to give Hayley the cold shoulder.”

Many wondered if Williams’ friends might have trouble hanging out with Steinfeld, although most of them began hanging out with Hailey at games.

Most fans have supported Hailee Steinfeld and Allen’s relationship, cheering them on to continue with the 2023 NFL season.

Josh Allen has previously expressed concerns about the privacy of his relationship with Hailee Steinfeld.

Shortly before going public with their relationship, Allen and Steinfeld reunited on a private vacation. They spent some time together, aware of the cameras.

During an old interview with Barstool Sports, Allen said the same thing:

“The fact that anyone still cares… it just amazes me. They were on a boat. I saw them and felt this disgusting feeling. Insecurity, not privacy. “It’s the same thing that’s wrong with people.”

However, from the very beginning of the season, they took special care not to be harassed by the paparazzi.

Fans continue to speculate about the marriage rumors, wondering if QB and ““Bumblebee” The actress will soon tie the knot.

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