Hair Implantation: Pioneers from Argentina Land in the US Today

Medical Hair, whose headquarters are located a few meters from the sea, opened its doors in Miami in November (Medical Hair).

Fight with baldness It is one of the major aesthetic concerns in men and women as it affects safety and self-esteem. Likewise, Hair loss It is considered a health concern because it has a protective function for the scalp.

This is what plastic surgeon Nestor Spagnolo (MN 62.408) realized when he made a turn in his professional career in the 90s and became one of the pioneersl hair implant V Argentina. Together with colleagues Arturo Gonzalez Marlia and Horacio Foglia, they created in the city Buenos Aires Medical hair, first comprehensive center hair medicine V Latin America.

“It was quite a challenge at the time. Firstly, from a medical point of view, there was a lot of travel abroad to learn the latest techniques available, as well as acquire the appropriate instruments. But there was also a cultural barrier: there was still a certain taboo on aesthetic procedures, especially for men. Today it is naturalized, people do not worry about hiding it, but, on the contrary, talk about it with their friends because they look happy with their new image,” says Dr. Nestor Spagnuolo.

Dr. Marco Contreras, CEO of Medical Hair Miami and Dr. Juan Spagnolo, Medical Director of Medical Hair Buenos Aires (Medical Hair)

In partnership with the Adhara Aesthetic Center, recognized in the field of aesthetic medicine in the USA, Medical hair was founded in Sunny Isles, one of the most exclusive areas Miami. The center has state-of-the-art infrastructure for hair restoration procedures (such as implantations using the FUE Sapphire technique and regenerative procedures such as mesotherapy) with trained specialists at its headquarters. Buenos Aires.

We have long wanted to enter the world of hair medicine, but could not find partner indicated. The Medical Hair model has a strong structure both from a medical perspective and from a business model perspective, which emphasizes ongoing support throughout the entire process,” said Dr. Marco Contreras (Franchisee and CEO of Medical Hair Miami).

“Any professional who has visited our operating rooms can attest that the advantage of Medical Hair is the way it works, which puts us even above the medical centers of North America, which has earned us international recognition. Years of hard work have allowed us to become the first Argentine company to enter markets as competitive as those of the United States and Europe,” said Dr. Arturo Gonzalez Marlia.

At the beginning of the century Medical hair began its expansion with a franchise in the interior of the country. In addition to branches in AMBA, today has offices in the main cities of Argentina, such as Mar del Plata, Rosario, Cordoba, Mendoza, Neuquén, Corrientes, Posadas and Tucumán, among others. Meanwhile, in 2005, it opened its first clinic in Spain, where it currently has 8 offices, including places such as Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as well as in the most important cities in Spain. Latin Americasuch as Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Asuncion and San Pablo.

“25 years of experience has allowed us to bring hair implantation protocols to a level that can only be seen in a few centers in the world. We are very selective when selecting potential franchisees: we carefully look for a professional profile with a strong commitment to excellence in medicine, surgery and business. This process is obsessively controlled by medical management,” explained Dr. Horacio Foglia.

The new Miami headquarters features state-of-the-art operating rooms in addition to the comfort that characterizes the brand’s medical hair centers.

Baldness has hormonal and hereditary causes that vary from patient to patient, so the diagnosis must be made by a doctor specializing in hair medicine who recommends hair implantA hair loss treatment with mesotherapy and medications or a combination thereof.

He micro hair transplantation This is a hair-by-hair technique in which follicular units are typically removed from the back of the patient’s head and sides of the neck to be implanted in the area to be treated. “The entire procedure is performed in one day, it is an outpatient procedure in which local anesthesia is used,” explained Dr. Juan Spagnolo (MN 157.896), medical director of the headquarters.

Attention to the achievements taking place in the world, Medical hair He refined the technique from FUSS (in which a strip of skin was removed from the patient to separate the follicles) to FUE (hair by hair), the most advanced to date. Added to this are innovations such as the ARTAS robot or the sapphire scalpel, which give more natural results and without visible scars.

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