hairstyle: Doja Cat assumes her shaved head and eyebrows despite criticism

Doja Cat likes her new look, even if her shaved head doesn't appeal to everyone.

Doja Cat likes her new look, even if her shaved head doesn’t appeal to everyone.

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hairdressingDoja Cat takes on her shaved head and eyebrows despite criticism

The rapper’s new look is not to everyone’s liking. However, the artist is not the only one to wear short hair.


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“I don’t like having hair.” It is with this message that rapper Doja Cat posted a live video in which she shaves her head and eyebrows on August 6. Despite this, she says she has never felt so happy and posts photos of her daring makeup: “I’m obsessed with this look.”

Since then, the 26-year-old American has received many comments from haters who are hounding her: “Not in the standards of beauty”, “you don’t attract anyone like that”, judged Internet users.

She also replied to them on August 15: “I won a Grammy and traveled around the world. I was number 1 and my albums certified platinum. I chain hits and you want me to look fuckable so you can masturbate all day at your mom’s house. Screw you.”

Not the only one

Doja Cat isn’t the only one to take on a raw hairstyle. The actress of version 2.0 of the Gossip Girl seriesJordan Alexander, also adopted the cropped hair, just like the rapper Saweeti during the Grammy Awards, last April.

One of the muses of Fenty Savage, Rihanna’s lingerie brandshows off his shaved head top with long hair at the back.

In June, Gigi and Bella Hadid walked for Marc Jacobs with their heads almost completely shaved.

The shaved head was also present during the parade of Jean Paul Gaultier, at the last Paris Fashion Week.

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