Halle Berry changed her look and the reason could be Marvel


The actress took advantage of her social networks to show a new look that excited fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why?

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Halle Berry is one of the high points of the films of the X Men released by Fox studios long before being acquired by Disney. The actress was chosen to play the mutant Storm in that franchise and did it in a forceful way, showing an empowered woman of color who had no regrets about her status as a mutant and was ready to fight to assert the rights of her people.

Since then the world of superhero movies has evolved a lot and the Marvel Cinematic Universe where no mutants have yet appeared, at least not yet. The truth is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It seems that this detail will change with the participation of Patrick Stewart as Professor X. Will he be the only one of his kind in the film?

A change of look and many questions

Spider-Man: No Way Home opened the door to the multiverse in the cinema by showing how characters from different realities can interact on the big screen. And he did it with great success. Now the sequel to the Sorcerer Supreme poses a more ambitious project where this concept will be enhanced and we will be able to see, according to rumours, characters from realities other than the MCU.

In that sense, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe they remain alert to any possibility and social networks are the place to keep their attention focused. Halle Berry He took advantage of Twitter to share his new look that is similar to that of Storm in X-Men: The Last Stand generating the enthusiasm of his followers. What did the actress say in the post? “This is for all my beautiful fans who have wanted my short hair back! This is for you”Berry said.

Who can be the mutants that we will see in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Professor X and Storm have already been mentioned, but Magneto, Wolverine and Cyclops are also mentioned. This means that the doors of the MCU would be open for Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman and James Marsden, if Marvel decides that the same actors give life to these characters.

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