Hamas reports 23,843 people killed in Gaza Strip – DW – 01/13/2024

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13 January 2024

Hamas reports 23,843 people killed in Gaza

The Health Ministry of Hamas reported this Saturday (01/13/2024) the deaths of at least 23,843 people, mostly civilians, in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the war between the terrorist movement and Israel.

The Hamas ministry also reported 60,317 people injured and said thousands were trapped under debris. (AFP, Reuters)


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13 January 2024

Gaza Strip death toll from Khan Yunis bombing rises

Dozens of Gazans were killed in the last 24 hours due to Israeli bombardment throughout the Gaza Strip, mainly in the Khan Yunis area, south of the enclave, where a new blackout has occurred since yesterday (01/12/2024). Communications.

“Many wounded were taken to Nasser Hospital following the intense and brutal Israeli bombardment in the center and south of Khan Yunis,” the official Palestinian agency Wafa reported. Additionally, the Hamas government condemned that the Israeli Air Force launched a “ring of fire” on several areas southeast of the city of Khan Younis, a Hamas stronghold in the south of the enclave where its leader Yahya Sinwar is believed to have been killed. goes. Hiding..

Although attacks on the northern half of the enclave have decreased in recent weeks, at least 20 people were killed in an Israeli air strike on a house in the Daraj neighborhood of Gaza City last night. Israeli attacks also hit several points in the center of the Gaza Strip, Wafa indicated, and Israeli artillery shelled Nussirat and Maghazi refugee camps in the Deir al-Balah area. (MN/EFE, AFP)


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13 January 2024

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians in the West Bank

Last night (01/12/2024) Israeli soldiers killed three Palestinian teenagers who allegedly opened fire on the Adora settlement in the Hebron area of ​​the southern occupied West Bank, Palestinian and Israeli sources confirmed.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the three dead as 15-year-old Mohammed Arafat Abu Jahisha, 17-year-old Odai Ismail Abu Jahisha, and 19-year-old Ismail Ahmed Abu Jahisha.

“There was a terrorist incursion into the community of Adora, the attackers opened fire on Israeli soldiers patrolling the area,” the Israeli military said. “During the search conducted by the army in the area, they killed three attackers in the area near the community immediately after the firing. Additionally, an M-16 rifle, an axe, knives and additional weapons were recovered from the attackers ” “A military statement clarified. (MN/EFE, Reuters)


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