Happy birthday Meryl Streep. Simplicity beyond fame


Mary Louise Streep, personal name of the much better known Meryl Streep, who does not look 72 years old at all, has not really missed a shot in his career, putting one after another films and magnificent roles like pearls of a long and precious necklace.

There are film titles starring the American actress, winner of three Academy Awards ( Kramer versus Kramer, Sophie’s Choice and The Iron Lady) and universally recognized as the best actress of her generation, which immediately evoke her face, gaze, hairstyle, smile, charm, talent.

meryl streep

The Iron lady 2012

Meryl Streep: timeless films, masterful interpretations.

The blonde and refined Meryl has over sixty films to her credit, not to mention TV series, starting with the works of the seventies and eighties that made her famous (Ithe hunter, 1978; Kramer versus Kramer, 1979; The woman of the French lieutenant, 1981. Sophie’s Choice, 1982; Silkwood, 1983; My Africa, 1985; The Bridges of Madison County, 1989), up to many more recent ones (The devil wears Prada, 2006; Oh Mama!, 2008; The Iron Lady, 2011; Suffragette, 2015; Florence, 2016; Little Women, 2019), films that range from themes of strong social commitment to comedies and dramas of very different contents and styles, in each of which Meryl he knew how to put character, charm and determination, with his well-known elegance, apparent naivety, veiled melancholy and sweetness.

meryl streep

The devil wears Prada 2007

Simplicity beyond fame

Despite the many awards received at the main festivals, despite having worked with the greatest directors and directors of the last forty years (among the main ones: Zinnemann, Cimino, Pakula, Allen, Pollack, Zemeckis, Eastwood, Altman, Redford, Lloyd, Frears, Spielberg, Soderbergh, Gerwigh), and having had film partners of the caliber of Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Tommy Lee Jones and Clint Eastwood, Streep has always maintained a profile of confidentiality, professionalism and simplicity, dividing herself between family commitments (the actress has four children) and her intense working life, rather far from the worldly news.

Also actively engaged in the fight against violence against women, over time she has taken sides in favor of the rights of the LGBTQ + community, for which she has become – also thanks to some roles she has played – a real icon.

Meryl Streep and Italy

She attended the Rome Film Fest years ago to present to the press and the public Florence, film directed by Stephen Frears, the actress made a statement that seems to encapsulate the synthesis of her brilliant career, carried out quietly, with commitment and professionalism:

As with the protagonist of my film, art can become a reason for living, a reason to survive in many circumstances.

Compared to my work today I feel the same passion as the first female roles I played, I don’t perceive a drop in love or interest, in every film I want to show the public what I know about this woman I play, every character must be defended and cared for, because every woman deserves to be told and listened to and to have a place in the world“.

During the meeting the Streep she said she was inspired, among other Italian actresses, by our good girl Silvana Mangano.

article by Elisabetta Colla

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