Happy Day to Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner “Blessed to Have You”


For Father’s Day, the socialite publicly congratulated the rapper, his sentimental partner, they look happier than ever

The life of millionaire businesswoman Kylie Jenner has always been quite public since she herself dedicates herself to daily sharing with all her fans aspects of her private life, as well as all her work projects, trips, new products, photoshoots, and more. Thanks to today’s celebration, it was Travis Scott’s turn, whom he publicly congratulated from his profile.

“ Happy Father’s Day @travisscott, one day is not enough to honor the dad that you are. We are very blessed to have you ”, was the beautiful message that Stormi Webster’s mother wrote, accompanied of course by a tender and moving photograph where the three of them appear as the beautiful family that they are.

This publication has caused such a furor that, just a few hours after being shared, it already exceeds 8 million little red hearts, and has more than 26 thousand comments, which include words from celebrities, friends of both, their family members, and of course, the fans who day by day follow in his footsteps closely, in the aforementioned application, cannot be absent.

Recall that it is known that, a few weeks ago, the model and the rapper, resumed their love relationship, several witnesses claim that they saw them on Tuesday afternoon in the splendid city of New York, where they were with their daughter, they confirmed that they behaved like a real family.

What happened was that the famous family attended the 72nd edition of “Parsons Benefit” organized by “The New School” in the Big Apple, where Scott received recognition, and they were also very happy while they were captured, as they posed for photographers on the event’s red carpet, held at The Rooftop on Pier 17, and, according to an eyewitness, the businesswoman and rapper had no problem showing various displays of affection in public.

In this way they commented on the entertainment piece: “Travis and Kylie looked very sweet and cute together. They were holding hands and it seemed that they had definitely returned,” the source assured a well-known magazine and added that at one point Scott put Stormi on her legs in a sweet father-daughter moment, totally enchanting the public who was at the aforementioned event.



And not only that, it turns out that, upon receiving his recognition, the famous musician dedicated a few words to the millionaire, publicly confirming that they are together again: “Stormi, I love you and my wife, I love you”, causing a massive standing ovation, later, after the party, Kylie shared a photo in which they appear together, which she titled “24 hours in New York.”

This family trip takes place a few weeks after Kylie and Travis celebrated “Memorial Day” as a family, during the celebration they had fun fighting in a water-filled balloon fight, where they were super fun and in love.

In this way, coupled with the recent publication of the tycoon, the happy couple continues to spend a lot of quality time as a family together, although, as it is known, they do not want to put any pressure on their relationship.

They get along well and things are going very well, in addition, they both want to be as present as possible for Stormi, so, as a team, they have worked hard to create a great family situation, they love each other and they are all very proud of how mature they are. . Stormi is the happiest girl, and everything that is happening with her parents is for her benefit.

And, it is no secret that Travis has always proven to be an excellent father figure to the little girl, and we are confident that it will continue to be that way.


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