Happy in nursing without going into medicine due to EBAU score

A few months ago, Alejandra Castellanos’s world fell apart when she found out that her EBAU Note -almost flawless 13.2- was not enough to enter the medical faculty. She learned the news from a TikTok video she posted with her friends and burst into tears when she learned the final result.

A few weeks later, this newspaper spoke to her and asked which path she planned to take: repeat EBAU enter medicine, choose alternative routes or sign up for another career University. She chose the latter option and began studying to major in Nursing.

Happy in nursing without going into medicine

As the first semester comes to an end, Castellanos tells us that She is very happy with her decision.. So much so that he has completely ruled out the possibility of moving into medicine and wants to develop his professional career exclusively as nurse.

“The first few days were the most decisive because I realized I had done well,” he explains. Little by little he realized thathe liked the content of the degree and that she was happy imagining herself in the said health department.

I especially appreciate practical and emotional aspect diverse content, which, despite the fact that together with medical educationare viewed from a less theoretical approach, which this student finds more appealing.

Prejudices and stereotypes about nursing

She herself admits that her initial disappointment was a result of ignorance and prejudice towards nursing and that her initial impressions were very different from reality: “Before I had the idea that a nurse is a lower position. for those who do not get to medicine, and so that the doctor is the smartest. I was misinformed“.

“I used to have the idea that a nurse was a secondary position for those who don’t make it to medicine, and that a doctor was the smartest. I was misinformed.”

However, it only took her a few months to erase these assumptions from her mind and feel comfortable: “I learned what a nurse does and began to have even more contact with patients. I think it’s prettier“.

But she’s not the only one who was initially prejudiced. Your current ccareer friendswhat did they assume great support For her, during these months they were in the same situation when applying to university: “They didn’t get in, they were upset, and then they went through the same situation as me, which in the end they liked. in the end we understand each other.”

Advice for a student who is not applying to medical school

Some time later, with a new perspective, Castellanos saw the video she recorded with her friends more than once. If she could talk to the version of herself who couldn’t stop crying, she would tell her quite clearly that “the world doesn’t end” and that “everything The effort was worth itbecause this is a very good assessment,” he says.

Both in the degree he eventually received and in maturity that has acquired The process makes Castellanos “very proud” of himself. He believes that if he finally got his M.D. would not have been reported Thus, the work that nurses do and will continue to do falls prey to the stigmas they had months ago.

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