Harry and Meghan’s whim for their daughter’s christening


It seems that Harry and Meghan they stop at nothing and that they are not interested in the contradictions between what they say and what they do. According to the Daily Mail, in fact, they decided to baptize Lilibet Diana in Windsor and with a royal ceremony.

Harry and Meghan bronze faces?

The choice has left newspapers and experts perplexed. How to explain it in the light of all the interviews in which the Dukes of Sussex demolished the image of the royal family? It must be said, however, that the news has not yet been confirmed. For the moment it is a rumor, so no one assures us that it is true. If it were, though, Harry and Meghan’s attitude would be somewhat questionable. First the couple no longer real throws strali on the most important members of the Firm, starting from the Prince Charles, accused of no longer funding Prince Harry after Megxit.

They complain of an alleged racism that snakes at court and that would have targeted the color of the skin of little Archie (although the Sussex they were careful not to reveal the name of who would have offended the child). Harry shoots zero on his parents, who would have charged him, with their disagreements, with an unbearable psychological burden. The birth family would renew a spiral of pain, what the duke called, to be exact, a “genetic cycle of suffering”.

And now? Now Harry and Meghan would have thought of returning to London, right in the “wolf’s lair” (according to them), to give to Lilibet Diana a baptism that reflects the traditions denigrated by them, the trappings they wanted to renounce in the name of independence. In short, they would like (but the conditional is a must) to return to the place to which they turned their backs because it would have made them unhappy. The behavior, if the news were proven, appears confused and contradictory. What are Harry and Meghan really looking for?

The baptism in September?

A source told the Daily Mail: “[Harry e Meghan] they want a royal ceremony. Harry has told several people who want to have Lili baptized in Windsor, just like his brother. They are happy to wait for circumstances to allow.” In the last sentence the insider refers above all to the restrictions due to the pandemic we are experiencing. The Sussexes would like to wait for the most appropriate moment, also because they are currently on parental leave, but they would still be implementing the ideas they will present to Netflix, the broadcaster with whom they entered into a millionaire agreement.


On their website, in fact, we read: “While the Duke and Duchess are on parental leave, Archewell will continue his important work and continue his plans.” Meghan Markle, in fact, is working on a series with the working title “Pearl”, while Harry would be dedicating himself to a documentary about the Invictus Games. According to the People, the dukes have 20 weeks, established by the policy of their foundation, to complete the work. This could delay the baptism of Lilibet Diana. The tabloids, however, believe that the event can be held as early as next September. The choice would not be random.

It seems, in fact, that for that month the royal family is preparing a great celebration dedicated to Lady Diana. At least according to the sun’s rumors. This means that Prince Harry could return home in September and take advantage of the opportunity to have his second child baptized. The questions, however, are other: how did the royal family react to the (alleged) news of the baptism in Windsor? the Queen Elizabeth will he participate for quiet living (always assuming that the baptism takes place in Windsor)? It’s still early to speculate, but if the baptism is there, it may just be Harry and Meghan’s latest whim in chronological order.


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