Harry Potter: what is the disease that Daniel Radcliffe suffers from?

In an interview for The Independent, Daniel Radcliffe revealed to suffer from an illness. But what is the Harry Potter actor suffering from?

Several years after having had worldwide success with Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe is breaking the silence. No, the actor did not make any revelations on the set. However, he recently confided in his illness which has made him suffer for years.

A complicated success

Fortunately, the hype around the saga has diminished. Or rather, the actors in the films are left a little quieter. If that hadn’t been the case, maybe Daniel Radcliffe would not have held. Because this one had a lot of trouble with fame.

He confided in an interview recently. And admitted to having had problems with alcohol. The star actor of Harry Potter drank a lot. And revealed the reason. “The quickest way to forget you were stared at all the time…was to get really drunk”.

He announced at first before explaining: “And when you’re drunk… You say to yourself “Oh, people look at me even more. But that’s because I’m very drunk. So maybe I should drink more. To ignore them even more ».

Fortunately, Emma Watson’s sidekick was able to be well surrounded during this period:“I was very lucky to be well surrounded at certain times in my life. I met some very important people too. Some actors, some not. Who gave me good advice too. And cared about me”.

Maybe when he gets replaced in Harry Potter, the situation will be even better. In fact, the actor should see a replacement soon if a sequel to the saga sees the light of day. Since he would be against doing a sequel.

Especially since he recently revealed that he dreamed of being an anonymous person. And to do this, he will have to play in a few fewer films. And certainly not a film from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice franchise.

Harry Potter: what is the disease that Daniel Radcliffe suffers from?
Harry Potter: what is the disease that Daniel Radcliffe suffers from?

Daniel Radcliffe’s problems after Harry Potter

On top of that, the comedian has been suffering from an illness for some time. They are our colleagues from Marie France which relayed information from The Independent.“At the time, I thought I was a wimp. I was taking 12 strong painkillers a day and I was like, ‘Why do I still have a headache?’ “.

Revealed the Harry Potter actor at first. This one also confessed that because of these pains... He had to cancel many important professional appointments. Following this, he made a great choice. Namely, consult a doctor.

To find out where the problem came from. And above all, if it could be cured. He learned that he suffered from cluster headaches. Also called “Vascular cluster headache. A rare and very painful syndrome. Note our colleagues.

“It’s very rare of course, but it is very painful. It makes a simple migraine almost pleasant.” He finally concluded. The media explains that this disease causes horrible pain in the faces.

And for an actor, even if he has the talents of Harry Potter… Suffering from such a disease must therefore be disabling. It proves impossible at times to move the mouth. Or another part of the face. Nothing more complicated for an actor…

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