Harry Styles invests in fashion… Ariana Grande responds to her detractors in a new single…

January 12, 2023

Elton John and David Furnish celebrate 11 years of Elijah films

Iyer, Elton John and David Furnish celebrated their son Elijah 11 years ago. A moment of family joy when a couple chooses company in society.

“Joyeux anniversaire à notre Magnifice fils Elijah. Upon arrival pas à croire you have 11 years left! » écrit about a couple in the legend of the cliché du gâteau d’anniversaire. “Your emplis nos cœurs de sot de joie et de rires. Nous Tymons. You potato. »

Ariana Grande responds to her detractors in new single

Harry Styles is investing in fashion

Harry Styles decided to meet with the main owner to help one of his favorite fashion designers. Actually, Fashion reveals that the pop star is a minor action star of Stephen Stokey-Daly’s brand. Creator with singer How it was the plusiers were collaborators, like the shadow in the video du tre Gold.

It’s all about the balloon for the stylist, who should be able to invest in their brand developer.

“Harry and my friends are the vision of a commune at Avenir SS Daly and we hate starting a new marquee ensemble and we are concentrating on the longevity of the brand and the transformation of the enterprise into the modern British home,” Stephen Stokey-Daly said in a statement released by WWD.

A new adventure worthy of the best class of British pop stars!

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