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Harry Styles

  • Harry Styles undoubtedly belongs to “The Stylized Prince of Pop”, as a male icon.

MEXICO CITY.- If in the current universe and all musical metaverses there is “The Princess of Pop” and “The Queen of Pop” speaking of the female gender, Harry Styles undoubtedly corresponds to that of “The Stylized Prince of Pop ”, as a male icon.

Graduated from one of the most popular boy bands in the world, One Direction, and the second to debut as a soloist, after Zayn Malik, the 28-year-old British star has managed to surpass all his former colleagues in prestige, acceptance, diffusion, attention and, above all, recognition.

From “Sign of the Times“, a song that came out on streaming in April 2017, to his recent single, “As It Was”, “Enrique Estilos”, as standuperos put him in Spanish and call him on networks to attract his fans, he has been a born trendsetter, either because of his image, his interpretive style or his proposal of progressive pop, brit pop or pop rock. And who would dare to refute it?

Androgynous, visceral, irreverent, seductive, controversial, and a lot of adjectives to describe it, there are plenty. What is a determining factor when writing about him is that he has gone beyond labels and is liked for his melodies and catchy lyrics, because he doesn’t want to copy anyone and because he has known how to adapt to the needs of the audience, which the “it boy” of music, fashion and acting in one.

Both in his video clips, as in his record image and in his appearances and catwalks, the interpreter of “Adore You” and “Golden” has generated conversation on social networks, where his “harries” are his main promoters and trainers of a army that does not forgive criticism and stone negative comments, and that only extols its virtues and asks for generosity for its kindness. He is “Perfect” for them.

Influenced by David Bowie, Prince, Adam Lambert, Rock Hudson, Freddy Mercury and Neil Patrick Harris, in different aspects of his life, the young star is the only one of the “directors” who has already obtained three Grammy nominations (and one win, for Best Pop Solo Performance for “Watermelon Sugar”) and has two Brit Awards.

In addition, he set out to conquer the difficult Hollywood film guild and for that he has joined projects such as Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk; Michael Grandage’s My Policeman; and Don’t Worry Honey, directed by his partner, Olivia Wilde. As well as a small participation in Eternals, by Chloé Zhao.

So if we talk about Harry Styles as one of the great pop stars, it is not only because of his five number 1 on Billboard, or his more than 64 million followers on Spotify, or his sold-out concerts around the world and a fan foundation that none of his other One Direction mates have. It is also that he has earned his popularity and prestige as a visionary of pop by being so. young.

behind his success

Harry Styles, who will perform with his Love on Tour in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City next November, owes his success to his vision as a business and global artist, since he has placed his trust in a temporary management team and specialists who They have given him knowledge and style.

Harry Lambert, your stylist or fashion advisor; Jeff Azoff, CEO of Full Stop Management and his full-time manager; Harris Reed, designer and image consultant; Marisol Muro, visual artist; Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci; Manos Xanthogeorgis, vice president of media and digital marketing for Columbia/Sony; Charlie Shawcross, Senior Director of Marketing at Sony; and Molly Hawkins, creative and art director, are some of the people who have contributed to the success of the mega star.

Hawkins, who is one of the best friends of the Englishman born on February 1, 1994, is responsible for the aesthetic concept that she manages in her albums and concerts, which has been a key distinctive that has served as an identifier and that separates her from the rest. .

your style

His image focuses on romanticism and psychedelia, on lamé and crepe, on bright and contrasting colors and on bi outfits, which apply to both men and women. The lines are inspired by flares, French posters of the fifties and organic and fluid textures. And let’s add the twenty different tattoos that she has, which marks a very marked contrast between the rough and the soft, between the hard and the fragile.

break hearts

Harry, who maintains a relationship with Olivia Wilde, has generated controversy for being a boyfriend, since he has been with many celebrities: the models Sara Sampaio and Georgia Fowler, the singers Nicole Scherzinger and Taylor Swift, and the influencers Kendall Jenner and Tess Ward, among other.

A green tea drinker, outdoor sports fan and meditator, a fan of crime novels and eighties rock, he is the ideal man for his fans, who dream of having him around to give them his blessing. even if it is in the imagination.

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