Have you seen this Netflix movie that hurts viewers?

This French comedy will be released in November 2023 on Netflix. It’s the end of the year on the streaming platform. Une vraie réussite for this new realization signed by Julien Royal.

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Varieties in November 2023, film New riches, part of the end-of-year boxes on the streaming platform. Review of the French comedy by Julien Royal (Cookies on the aisle), which is usually chosen. Aux côtés de Nassim Lyes et Zoé Marchal – the two main performers remained in the duet Overdose (Prime Video) d’Olivier Marchal – our retros about famous French comedians. Ce qui frappe aussi, this is the script of survitamin, ses cascades and replicas of cinglantes.

“Je n’ai jamais autant rigole” : comedy New riches viewer recording on Netflix

The film, which was included in the top ten feature films and was shown on Netflix, is one of the biggest successes for subscribers of the platform, a communicative humorous film “plupart louant son son”. “J’étais en Four rire du début à la fin“, commented an Internet user who gave a rating of 10/10. Il n’est d’ailleurs pas le seul à saluer le potentiel comique du Film.”The movie is a joke“, “I was never really hard on the film, I was very pleased. Même à la fin, this is a mega joke“, I assure you of two other abonnés de la Plateforme. L’une des Critiques les plus élogieuses explode à cet autre fan, qui va jusqu’à pleasure of long-meter parmi les best productions of the Netflix catalogue.”Gone are the ten minutes of the premiere of the most challenging films ever made, Nouveau Riche – the French franchise, Netflix’s top three paniers.“.

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Nouveau riche : cameo by Adele Exarchopoulos and others. Guillaume Canet

Lorsk Netflix Promoted Film, “The American Enterprise We Promised”rom com go to rarity vu“. D’un Côté, nous avons Youss (Nassim Lyes), un arnaqueur de première, malheureux en amour, qui se retrouve sans un sou en poche. and “brut de découffrage” qui possède un sérieux atout: millions of euros in cryptomoney. Surprise cameo: D’Abord, Adele Exarchopoulos and Guillaume Canet, performance not included in the film, other guests – Panagiotis Pasco, Gustave Kervern, Kenza Fortas or comedian Hakim Gemili.

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The article was written in collaboration with 6Médias.

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