“He asked me if we had eaten his son or if he could go look for him.”

OrOn another Sunday, La Sexta’s prime time night will be for the popular spot’About EvolSuch as AtresMedia Group led by one of the chain’s strong names Jordi Evol, On this day, in the program of 28th January, Late. Catalan journalist will tell the story of the tragedy in the AndesWhich is in the news again after the premiere of JA Bayona’s tough film called ‘The Snow Society’.

evol His program will feature the testimony of three survivors of the tragic accident where 29 people lost their lives, Journalist on the occasion of success of recently released film Will update the stories of survivors, who will tell you what their daily life is like after the tragic accident in 1972,

According to what was announced by the television network, Jordi Ivol Strauch has been able to talk with the cousinsSince then a very significant part of the group of survivors They were in charge of eating the corpses of dead travelers and dissecting them in order to survive.,

a difficult story

Without a doubt, within the tragic and difficult history, His testimony is especially relevant considering that he was one of those who had to do an act that was pleasant to no one, for the good of all., The cousins ​​will explain how the different tasks were divided and what life is like in Uruguay, a country the journalist has visited.

Some harsh statements can be seen in the broadcast trailer of the program rawness of the story, Thus, one of the cousins ​​narrated what one of the deceased’s parents said to him after he met them: “Only one father came to me and asked if he could look for his son in the mountains.“, he commented, and then added that “I was wondering if we ate his son or if he could go look for him.,

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