He failed at the Yankees but will have another chance with the San Francisco Giants

Sport Illustrated reminds us that, last September, Ronald Guzmán debuted in the Majors with the striped uniform of the New York Yankees and it was a fiasco in every dimension of the word.

It was the dream opportunity, Anthony Rizzo went to the disabled list and at 28 years old, the Dominican, the same one who in 2018 stepped foot on a diamond in the Majors for the first time with the Texas Rangers, took his first shift in one of the meccas hallowed halls of baseball, Yankee Stadium.

The history review that at the time, Guzmán was a sensation and in that season that we mentioned, that of 2018, when he started with Texas, at that time he stood out as a rookie with good qualities and remarkable potential.

In 123 games with the West Division roster in the American League, the native of Dominican Republic hit 16 home runs and also had a formidable OPS of 722, but that trail, that of being an elite prospect, dissipated with the passage of time and as As Baseball Reference shows, in three seasons with Texas, he could never establish himself as the promise he was in his day, bequeathing a cut sheet of 227/304/414 in 826 shifts.

He should have touched the glory but again he failed

In the middle of last March, the Yankees had taken over his services and in the Triple A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre affiliate, Ronald Guzmán did not do badly and for this reason, the Mules called him at the beginning of September, as we narrated at the beginning, but then came the debacle, the criollo went 0-5, with 4 strikeouts and a connection for a double play that is still being talked about.

What followed was an ordeal, in 105 games in the Minor Leagues, he hit an average of 255 with 16 home runs and 53 RBIs but those four strikeouts that day sentenced him.

He was put up for assignment and days later he returned to Triple A to go to free agency in October, marked by the halo of the notorious failure with the Bronx Bombers.

the new opportunity

His story could have ended like this, but no, a few hours ago it was revealed through MLB Trade Rumors that the San Francisco Giants agreed to a Minor League contract with Guzmán and at the moment he was assigned to the Triple A branch of the Bay Area, the Sacramento River Cats.

It is said that he has been prepared to test himself as a pitcher, since he reaches 95 miles per hour, has a good change and acceptable breakers and perhaps this decision can lead to the long-awaited turning point that leads to a happy ending in the plot; We would have to see, in Spring Training we could see the sample of Ronald Guzmán as a pitcher, later time and the Giants’ board, they will say.

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