He is a broken man, he has always done good

Delivered yesterday in the Rovigo prison, Fabrizio Miccoli began serving his sentence of 3 years and 6 months for extortion aggravated by the mafia method.

Yesterday the doors of the Rovigo prison closed behind Fabrizio Miccoli, who will have to remain in prison for the next 3 years and 6 months, as a result of the final sentence – after the third degree in Cassation – for extortion aggravated by the mafia method. Precisely the type of aggravating circumstance of the crime prevents the prison sentence from being commuted to alternative measures to imprisonment. The 42-year-old former striker of the National team will therefore have to resign himself to spending a lot of time behind bars, having been found guilty of having asked Mauro Lauricella – son of Antonino, mafia boss of the Kalsa district of Palermo – to intervene with the entrepreneur Andrea Graffagnini for the purpose to have him return a few thousand euros to a former physiotherapist from Palermo who turned to Miccoli for this.

What Miccoli’s state of mind is can be guessed and they make it well the words of his lawyer, Antonio Savoia: “He is a broken man. He chose the Veneto. We talked about it and he preferred a place where no one knows him – he explains to the Gazzetta dello Sport – He needs to stay away from everything and everyone, even from Lecce, his city. Not from his family, who will visit him whenever possible. Fabrizio is mortified, disoriented, disappointed. He respects the sentence, but does not share it, he does not feel responsible for the facts for which he was sentenced. He has always done good, even in Palermo. He repeated it to me while we were in the Supreme Court: he loves that city, he helped it even a few months ago with an important donation to deal with the Covid emergency“.

The lawyer of the former Juventus, Fiorentina and Benfica striker – as well as of the rosanero club and his Lecce – then returns to thehorrible sentence pronounced by Miccoli on judge Falcone, recorded in an interception: “While we waited for the sentence he repeated to me that he had apologized a thousand times and in all languages ​​for that sentence. On 23 May 2012, at the Barbera he also organized a match with the Magistrates to remember Falcone, where Totti also played. It wasn’t enough. But that sentence has nothing to do with it in the end. The accusation is of instigation to recover a credit, but Fabrizio has only tried to help a friend. And, when he realized that the thing was taking a bad turn, he sent three text messages to Lauricella telling him to forget it, that the matter did not interest him. Messages which are in judgment, but which have not been evaluated. For us the sentence is unfair“.

Miccoli in prison in Rovigo and not in Lecce: “He wants to stay away from everyone and they don’t know him there”

As for the next steps to try to change a future that seems written, Miccoli’s lawyer does not give up: “The probationary assignment to social services? We will evaluate, we could already do it tomorrow, but they are not choices that are made in the gut. Is there also the risk that Miccoli will be transferred from Rovigo? There is, but I hope that Fabrizio will be released from prison as soon as possible“.

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