“He is light years away from me”

Regularly compared to the late Michael Jackson, Chris Brown wished to close the debate once and for all.

Chris Brown and MJ, nothing to do?

Chris Brown will have finally taken the time to address this almost systematically operated comparison between his style and that of Michael Jackson. But make no mistake: the R&B singer has no desire to be put back to back with the late King of Pop, as he explained in reaction to comments made in the Pivot Podcast’s Ryan Clark : “Chris Brown is more talented than Michael Jackson. I said it ! Have a good week. »

Promoting his new album breezyexpected on streaming platforms from June 24, the artist has dotted the i’s: “It’s bullshit. Bullshit ! I stay out of it all. My take on all of this is that I wouldn’t even be able to exist or sing if this man hadn’t existed. I don’t know if they’re doing that over the Jordan/Kobe comparison, but I’m not into it. He’s light years away from me. There is no competition with him. » Admitting to being an absolute fan of MJ, he will conclude in all modesty: “I’m no better than Michael Jackson. »

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