“He kept the secret for a while.”

ANDLewis Hamilton’s signing to Scuderia Ferrari shakes foundations Formula 1 due to the surprise… and also due to the unusual timing of the announcement, in the middle of the winter holidays, when more vacation than negotiations. This movement surprised everyone… or should I say almost everyone, because Pierre Gasly knew something.

At least that’s what he says in Alpine presentationin which he confessed his feelings surprised…only half. “Does this surprise me? Yes and no…” he commented to a group of international journalists, including MARCA: “Yes, because he worked a lot with Mercedes. But no, because I was aware of some conversations with Ferrari.. “He kept it a secret for a while, but it’s now or never, the end of his career is near,” he said.

Gasley with Ocon and Jack Doohan (reserve driver) during the Alpine presentation.

TO Gaslylike many Formula 1 fans, He is very attracted to this Ferrari-Hamilton combination.even if we have to wait until 2025: “I wish him all the best, This is very interesting for the pilot marketfor you… He is the best rider in this sport, he has a new challenge… everyone will follow him Very close”.

Sainz’s situation

MARCA wanted to ask him about another part of this storynative of Madrid Carlos Sainzwho will lose his place in Ferrari at the end of the season after arrival seven-time champion peace.

What is fair in Formula 1? It was an opportunity for Hamilton and Ferrari that put Carlos in a difficult situation.

Pierre Gasly, Alpine racer

What’s fair in F1? Carlos is a great driver, Lewis is a fantastic driver, the best of all time. For Lewis and Ferrari it was an opportunity to be together. It’s true that this is a difficult situation for Carlos, not an easy one at all.”

Okon was surprised

Esteban OconHowever, he seemed more surprised by the Briton’s movement: “This surprised everyone. Also, this should be done in winter because usually these things are decided later… but It seems like this hasn’t happened since this winter.“He also said with a certain aura of mystery.

Esteban Ocon is one of those being considered to replace Hamilton at Mercedes.

French one of the names that sounds loudest in second place in Mercedes. It’s not for nothing that he is associated with the star brand and its supreme boss, Toto Wolf. It is logical that he was asked about opportunity to apply for this position…although – as could have been predicted at the height of presentation of the new year Alpine– Now is not the time to be too frank.

Right now I’m focused on Alpine, but if you do a good job there’s always talk, rumors…

Esteban Ocon, Alpine racer

However, what you can read between the lines is that Russell’s companion Next year in “Silver Arrows” the topic of behind-the-scenes fights will arise: “I had connections with Mercedes. as a junior pilot, and then at other stages, having contracts with them. We’ll see what happens, but At the moment I’m completely dedicated to Alpine., that’s my focus now. I want to do a good job on the track because every year is vital for a driver. Formula 1it doesn’t matter whether you have a contract or not because you stay on the sidelines. If we do a good job, there will always be talk, rumors… that they are useful to you, and that also means that I am doing a good job,” he explained.

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