He launched a network of servicecentros in MLCs in Cuba to “capture fresh foreign currency”.

Service center in MLC in Cuba? Yes, as you read it. Cuban Economy Minister Alejandro Gil Fernandez detailed this weekend that retail and wholesale fuel prices will be updated, as announced in parliament. Additionally, a network of fuel service centers will be launched in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC).

To do this, a network of service stations will be created that will sell in foreign currency with the aim of avoiding “negative impact on the population” in connection with the increase in the price of gasoline and “capturing fresh foreign currency.” For ruling party figures.

An ACN report said Gill pointed to a 25% increase in residential sector electricity rates, only for consumers above 500 kilowatts per hour. This measure seeks to reduce electricity demand, it was justified.

In addition, the price of non-metered water, cigarettes and tobacco will increase, and the rates for liquefied gas and public passenger transportation will be changed, which in the opinion of decision makers in Cuba is subsidized.

Apparently, the issue of gas stations in the MLC would be a version of the shops in the MLC, which came to eliminate the shops in Cuban pesos (in practice they are).

Fuel shortage and price rise in service centers in MLC, Cuba

The increase in fuel prices on the island was confirmed by Cuban Economy Minister Alejandro Gil Fernández, who argued that the current costs are a “distortion” and that Cuban prices are “probably the lowest in the world.”

It is a “problem” that is getting worse over time and is having an impact on the economy and society, Gil told a state roundtable program on Cuban TV broadcast by official media.

The official said fuel prices in Cuba are much lower than other countries and the informal currency market. “This is a situation that we have to review, because it leaves us short of fuel and difficulty in re-supplying ourselves,” he said.

He indicated that the Cuban economy cannot market its products below production costs, as this prevents it from obtaining the foreign currency needed to import. “If we buy expensive fuel and sell it cheap in Cuban pesos, how will we buy the next shipment?”

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