he refuses to collaborate with the French team and the president of the federation threatens him


Kylian Mbappe He doesn’t get tired of being in the eye of the hurricane, either because of his situation on or off the pitch.

Their future between Real Madrid and PSG He has been left out after his new controversy, now with the French National Team, whose president of the Federation has threatened him.

Then ‘Kyky‘ refused to participate in the commercials of the ‘Blue’ squad during the international break in March where they faced Ivory Coast in Marseille and South Africa in Lille.

The head of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noël Le Graëttold the newspaper L’Equipe that he will soon speak with the PSG star footballer’s lawyer with the notice that if he does not collaborate, “he will not receive money.”

The lawyer of Mbappe He considers that the French jewel should receive a higher percentage of money than the entity grants him for advertising actions. Likewise, the player wants a change in the agreement between federations and the protagonists.

This is how the invoceniente happened where Mbappé refused to collaborate

“I was not there. But I called him on the phone and thought for a moment that he was going to come down to the act. But he probably had her lawyer on another phone; as a result, she did not come down. What I am pleased about in this matter is that I brought the other players together in Marseille to find out what they thought. Then, in Lille, Hugo Lloris, on behalf of his teammates, came to see me to tell me: ‘Don’t change anything. We need a perfect equality of bonuses between the players’. That lasted ten minutes. As for Mbappé, I will soon meet with his lawyer to talk about it,” Le Graët said.

The president of the French Federation does not save anything for the ’10’ of the French team.

“If you don’t accept the way the national team works, you won’t get any money, that’s all. Players receive 30% of what FIFA gives. Lloris is a respectable man. Varane also told me: “President, we do not want to change.” perfect equality. We don’t talk about money. For his lawyer, the contracts with the players are supposedly obsolete. That’s not true. But, I repeat, what reassures me is the general attitude of the players. And Kylian, frankly, I’m not playing dumb, I like him a lot. I think he respects the federation. Football is not an individual sport”, closed the French boss

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