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Sergio Fernandez

“He says yes to everything and everyone,” explains the source. internal RFEF. Pedro Rocha is making the most of his time at the helm of the Spanish Football Federation as if he were the friendliest, most attentive and accommodating president in the organization’s history… except he’s not the president. He heads the Management Committee, that is, the body that is responsible for running the house until the next election and for carrying out the basic day-to-day tasks, the normal work of “opening and closing the blinds.” : basically pay for electricity,” other sources summarize.

He doesn’t. Although he had to participate in the presidential elections in September, immediately after the resignation of Luis Rubiales (September 10), he has an agreement with the previous Secretary of State for Sports. Victor Francos as an excuse for ignoring the charter of his RFEF: and continue for six months to behave like a “real” president without being one.

In addition to the hiring of a sports director for women’s football (Marquel Zubizarreta) and the dismissal of some (several) positions after the crisis in women’s football (Andreu Camps, Miguel García Caba, Pablo García Cuervo…), Pedro Rocha continued to work very modestly, being in the office on a “temporary” and temporary basis… but doing a lot of work in the shadows. be able to stand in the 2024 elections in a position of absolute superiority over other possible candidates.

The team, the team that will win everyone’s favor

RFEF staff increases significantly. With the arrival of Victor Sánchez del Amo as national team coach, he is joined by assistant coach Paco Gallardo; physical trainer Miguel Angel Campos; an analyst like David Tenorio; goalkeeper coach like Roberto Vazquez; and psychologist Nico Sainz. Also three more in the department intelligence service: Ricardo Pozo, Carlos Carreno and Santi Carpintero. Some even updated their social media with the new stance.

Nine signings that are controversially understood as “basic needs” an institution which, although Rocha does not operate as such, functions on a temporary basis pending a new president. Of course, one could argue that all these signings are necessary, and the RFEF staff is followed by other furious ones. Rubialists like Francis Hernandez or Jose Maria Mora.

There are many in RFEF who already understand the strategy of the President of the Management Company. Give everyone joy, extreme kindness, an approach to La Liga and everyone who can help you by adding their voices. Assemblies, including women’s football and those territory presidents least seen “in their corner”.

He passes time waiting for them to leave. burningorOther possible candidates such as Mateu Lahoz, Salvador Gomar, Javier Lozano, former Eibar president Alex Aranzabal or even former Santander Spain CEO Rami Abouhair.. Without openly saying that he wants to introduce himself, at least until he is sure that he will leave with almost all the trump cards up his sleeve.

Meanwhile, We are waiting for the order of the minister who should regulate the elections (in principle this will be in February)blaming the government (with a small mouth) delay, which is actually useful for continuing to gain sympathy within the system. Benefited from running the ship in the same position Luis Rubiales put him in.

Meanwhile, the Administrative Court for Sport continues to evaluate what to do with the decision of Pedro Rocha and Victor Francos de keep elections only for the presidency, which were to be called as soon as Rubiales resigned, and that CENAFE President Miguel Galan condemned.

Sergio Fernandez

Sergio Fernandez is Head of Aid Research. A journalism graduate from the CEU San Pablo University, he grew up in Onda Madrid and worked for several magazines before moving to

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