He shows his anger “for the rest of the day” after what happened to him while riding in a taxi: “I’m seething”

User X @ann_yu published several messages on social networks in which he told something that happened to him after he took a taxi and that made him angry”for the rest of the day“.

You won’t believe what just happened to me. I’m already angry for the rest of the day. I had to take a taxi (it was urgent, give me break). As soon as I enter, I tell him where, and the answer is: “well, if you want, I’ll take you further, eh,” he explained.

But the main character assured that this is not the main thing and that she “doesn’t care” because “the strongest comes when I’m about to pay“. “I ask him if he has a card. He tells me: no, the phone doesn’t work. Okay, I’ll give you a ticket,” he clarifies.

“Damn it, I need to go out and change clothes, I don’t have… (I’ve been pampering for a long time). Or do you have a madness?– the taxi driver asked her, but she flatly refused to do so.

The user claims she wanted to see if she had the money to “pay fairly,” but she didn’t. And the driver told him that”I’ll pay you another day“I tell him not to think about it and give him the ticket again,” he explained.

But the result was amazing. After asking her again if it could be done using bizum, she told him no and eventually asked him to pay by card.

He takes out his phone, which works perfectly.. I cry and leave. Draw conclusions. “I’m seething,” he said in a post published on X.

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