He swore love to the Nest, but he went to Cruz Azul, now America leaves him jobless

From playing in America he went to Cruz Azul, now he is unemployed
From playing in America he went to Cruz Azul, now he is unemployed

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América has had several players of international stature in its ranks and who have excelled in the Mexican league becoming figures, however, several of them do not finish consolidating in El Nido and prefer to go to other clubs such as the former Azulcrema player who later he wore the Cruz Azul shirt; he now he is left without a job.

After América’s rout of Mazatlán 6-0, the board of directors of the cannon team decided to take action on the matter due to the scandalous rout and decided to dismiss coach Gabriel Caballero from his duties together with his work team where the former América Christian player appears Gimenez.

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El Chaco, before becoming a legend in Cruz Azul, defended the América shirt in the 2005 to 2006 season when he arrived from Pachuca. Giménez with the cream-blue shirt achieved a title the Champion of Champions; however, he decided not to stay in the Nest and seek other challenges.

In 2010, Christian Giménez accepted the offer to join Cruz Azul without knowing that he would become the last idol of the cement group. In fact, his son was trained in the basic forces of Cruz Azul and Santiago Giménez also became a benchmark for the club. .

Christian Giménez is left without a team

Indirectly, America becomes responsible for Cristian Giménez losing his job, since after the 6-0 win against Mazatlán, the board of directors of the canyon team decided to fire the entire coaching staff where Chaco served as Gabriel Caballero’s technical assistant. .

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