He turned himself in to the sister Prosecutor’s Office of the heads of the Cali cartel


The handover of the sister of Miguel and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, heads of the so-called Cali cartel, was carried out at the CTI headquarters in the north of the capital of Valle, where an arrest warrant was issued.

The sentence imposed is for money laundering, handed down on June 29, 2012 by a criminal court of the Bogotá Specialized Circuit.

Then the defense of Mrs. Rodriguez Orejuela obtained the acquittal issued by the judicial office.

Given this, the nation’s attorney general’s office filed appeals to seek a reversal of this acquittal and in 2019 the Asset Forfeiture Chamber of the Superior Court of Bogotá determined the revocation and sentenced Amparo Rodríguez and other people to 25 years in prison as co-author responsible for the crime of aggravated money laundering and the payment of a fine of 25 thousand current minimum wages.

After other appeals filed by Amparo Rodríguez Orejuela’s attorneys before the Criminal Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, he modified the sentence and imposed 13 years in prison.

Amparo Rodríguez Orejuela, who served as president of the América de Cali team, must be confined in the women’s wing of the Jamundí prison in the south of the Valley.

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