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In the first program of Salud y Bienestar of 2024, which will be broadcast this Monday, the 8th, at noon on the Andina channel online, the guest will be the clinical dermatologist Antoinette Sobrino Guerrero, with whom we will discuss the importance of skin care at different ages and at what age. It’s time to start your skin care routine.

According to experts, As you age, the rate of collagen production decreases by 1% per year.which leads to thinning of the skin and the appearance of incipient fine lines and wrinkles, while at the same time hydration decreases, making it drier.

From cleansing to masks and toners, there are a variety of facial care products and treatments available today that help revitalize your skin and protect it from UV rays.

On social media, various influencers share their facial treatments which go viral in a short time but can be very dangerous as many of them use harmful substances or products that can cause skin conditions or allergic reactions and sensitivities.

To start a good skin care routine, you need to know what skin type you have so you can have a fresh and healthy face. Experts say that in addition to creams and sunscreens, it is important to eat right and exercise, which helps our entire body stay in optimal condition.

What is skin care? At what age should you start taking care of your skin? What should care be like? Is skin care the same for men and women? What should skin care be like? Men’s skin? How to determine your skin type? Is aloe vera or coconut oil good for acne? What products help improve your complexion? Is drinking water necessary to moisturize your skin?

A specialist will solve all these questions as part of the “Health and Well-Being” program on Monday, January 8, at 12:00 on Facebook. Take part in live consultations, benefiting from the presence of a professional who will tell us everything we need to know about skin care.

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Published: 07/01/2024

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