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When the holiday season comes, there are those who decide to invest this time in discover new places and relax somewhere else whom they see every day when they wake up.

Whether it’s a sunny beach in your bathing suit with a cool drink, or a cold place where you need to wear layers and stand in front of the fireplace to keep warm, Time free from responsibilities is something many people want to take advantage of to relax..

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On social networks he was seen as numbers #wellnessretreat or #spiritualretreatbegan to gain popularity among millennials And centenary anniversarywhen they post content related to their travels.

They’re called “health trips” and they have attracted a lot of attention because they consist of people who have decided to take a vacation in which they will only relax, they will not participate in crazy parties or extreme activities, it is only about live experiences, obviously to improve their mental state. and emotional state.

Health trips

health trips

“Travel brings many benefits and makes us feel much better. “It improves our emotional well-being.”

Psychologist Ana Belen Medialdea He told El Confidencial:Traveling has many benefits and makes us feel much better. Improves our emotional well-being

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And adds: “It is good for our brain because it helps us produce endorphins when doing something we love. These chemicals, which are found in our brains, help us feel better, are responsible for our well-being, and also reduce the level of cortisol, a hormone that causes stress.

Likewise, the researcher Jun WenProfessor of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Edith Cowan University’s School of Business and Law, in an article written in the Journal of Tourism Management, said that health travel is also suitable for those living with dementia.

Tourism is often considered a form of recreation that allows us to escape from everyday life.. The emotional states, thoughts and unique memories that travel evokes can have a positive impact on the well-being of people living with dementia.– Wen said.

Experience new emotions, moods and other reactions and thus stimulate the brain functions that allow them to process these feelings.“he added.

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