Healthcare prices in Madrid: update for 2024

Community of Madrid officially issued a new one state prices to provide medical services and activities. These tables, which have not changed for six years, set the cost of every medical activity carried out in the region, from surgeries to ambulance transport.

In this order of public prices for the provision of health services in the Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Health, which advocates Fatima Matute emphasizes that the obsolescence of these costs will be “to the detriment of the network of centers” of the territory, which “today is forced to provide assistance, thereby receiving prices that “It’s not enough to cover its cost.”.

The public prices included in the order are based on those currently in effect. dates back to 2017and which, in turn, were derived from analytical information systems to ensure that these services were cost effective.

The publicly available price tables discuss the classification of activities according to whether they are carried out in tertiary centres, primary health care centers and other centres.

Government prices for health measures

The order thus includes the cost of each of the recreational activities that are held in the region, from transportation to the city. ambulance (usually 353 euros, but when departing from the airport it reaches 705 euros).

Interventions medical helicopters, during rescue operations in the mountains or road accidents, significantly increase the cost. The base price is 7,200 euros, with an additional 6,821 euros for every hour of mobilization.

Request to First aid does not require additional testing, has a public price 50 euroswhich can reach 7000 in extreme cases when mobile resources are required.

Operations in digestive systemfor example, range from 10,000 to 24,000 euros; and appendix removal can cost more than €15,000.

Cost of intervention newborn With small amounts it can approach 100,000 euros.

In specialized institutions, in turn, types of activities related to hospital activities are considered, differentiating them from outpatient activities, as well as technical and diagnostic and treatment proceduresand other non-nursing activities.

Applicable event and service rates are also included. hemotherapy and transfusion, including new categories to adapt your catalog to reality of clinical practice. Likewise, publicly available prices applicable to services and products related to tissue banks Madrid Community.

Finally, public prices applicable to services reference units infectious diseases and genetic research for those exceptional situations where patient movement is not possible.

Although the information contained in Medical Articles may contain statements, data or notes from medical institutions or specialists, it is edited and prepared by journalists. We encourage the reader to consult a healthcare professional with any health-related questions.

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