Heart disease for women is different: risk factors

There are different heart diseases for women than for men, and it is more difficult for a woman to detect them.

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When you think about heart disease, heart problems in general the thought immediately goes to men. Men are more studied from this point of view, they are considered as those most at risk. But the reality is different. Between women the first cause of mortality is precisely that linked to heart health.

Over time, women have been taken into consideration less for this type of disease, but today there are entire scientific communities that push and insist on expanding studies. In fact, between men and women there are genetic differences, therefore, men and women do not suffer from the same diseases and if they do, they certainly have different symptoms.

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For women there are a number of risk factors that are not like those of men. So, taking advantage of the research that has been done in recent months, let’s see some more details on this topic below in the article.

Heart disease: risk factors in women

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Of course, men and women have the same risk factors, in part, but some details change. For example, if we talk about one of the most obvious causes that leads to a risk to the heart, namely smoking, the latest investigations have discovered something interesting. It seems that women are exposed to the same percentage of risk as men by smoking a third of the cigarettes they smoke.

Having said that, factors strictly related to women also come into play. Those who go into menopause early develop an increased risk of cardiovascular disease of those who go into menopause later or in any case in the pre-established time. If there are women who have ovarian disorders, it greatly affects heart health. Those who developed ailments during pregnancy are also at increased risk.

Furthermore, women are much more exposed to errors in the nervous system than men and are more prone to autoimmune diseases. Let’s talk about rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus. The inflammation characteristic of these diseases puts a strain on heart health.

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There is little information and little awareness of all these data among the population. Finally, there is a very important aspect to consider. Women live differently from men and have ongoing daily ailments that can be related to their period, their fertile period, among other things. So, often even if a woman feels stomach or chest discomfort she brings everything back to normal and doesn’t get alarmed, she doesn’t call for help, as she should.

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