Helldivers 2 is filled with negative reviews on Steam in protest of the requirement to have a PlayStation account.

News that from now on this will be necessary connection A Steam account on the PlayStation Network will allow you to continue playing on PC at helldivers 2 fell like a bomb among computer gamers who started write negative reviews en masse on Steam criticizes Sony for this measure.

Majority 375,000 total reviews from helldivers 2 remain largely positive, which contrasts with the fact that almost The last 100,000 are mostly negative, and the target of the comments is Sony, the publisher of the game and which announced this measure.

Regain the trust of players

Johan Pilestedt, developer CEO helldivers 2, Arrowhead Game Studios, repeated this situation in X, when the criticism was not yet so harsh. “Well, I think This is justified. I’m sorry everyone for how this happened. I hope we solve this problem and let’s get your trust back offering a great gaming experience that will last over time. “I just want to make great games!” – he said.

Until now this has not been necessary due to technical problems.

Sony explained in a statement yesterday that they were technical problems those who led allow after starting the game that the PC version can be played without linking a Steam account to a PlayStation Network account, but this starting May 6 For new and existing players May 30 For those who already have the game, this will be a must.

This connection, Sony claims, is the only way “Protect the players toxicity and abuse, as this allows us to block users who behave in this manner. This also allows players who have been suspended to have right of appeal.”

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