Hercules Sant Andreu | Chronicle of Pedro Rojas from Hercules – Sant Andreu in the 21st round of the Second Federation played in Alicante

You walk through the veins of the stadium a little nervous, tense, listening to your knees, watching the serious expressions on people’s faces, listening to their conversations, their doubts, their fears, and you understand that what is at stake is not three points, it is fate, perishable, ordinary through the cross, fear of repeating early breakup a project that was born for a glorious mission. After three defeats in a row, everything seems worse than it really is, the players become flat, without grace, without an adequate spark to ignite the vomit. And the world became grayer, uglier, almost joyless. Then the ball rolls and the only thing you hear is the visiting fans cheering, shouting cloned chants and it’s hard to be optimistic.

Then someone hits the ball with no apparent direction. Mendez He goes down to the sideline to make a comeback, gets a foul and the referee calls it out. Mangada He carefully places the ball, looks for someone with his eyes and sends the shot to one of the corners of the small court. Juamibold, starter, jumps the most, sticks his head in and takes advantage indecisiveness the young goalkeeper of Sant’Andreu transforms the anxiety before the first whistle into an explosion of collective rage, a sense of belonging, and the laughter hidden until that moment spreads through the stadium like a happy tide, like a happy wave, and a team that seemed small, chaste and reserved , gets the dose of faith needed to believe in yourself again.

Juanmi uses his weapon to ensure his marker does not hold him up before finishing a potential cross into the box from a set piece. Alex Dominguez

This is how flashes, impulses, details work that turn water into wine and move mountains. This goal from the central defender, five minutes later, brought Hercules back from the Camp d’Esport stadium in Lleida and gave him the opportunity to hold on, so as not to fall, to continue the fight for what is so important and fundamental in all orders of the game. A universe that can depend on itself.

Torrecilla’s approach – without Alvarito, we will exclude from the list so as not to risk the sore ankle with which he returned from Torrent; without Ketu, tired of more; without Artiles, injured for two months; without Colominas, disqualified due to cards – unprecedented, with a clearly defined attacking structure; With Nico Espinosa And Javi Moreno on the wings; De la Nava does what he does best, creating danger between the lines; and Mendez acts as a guide as the first line of containment and the most effective when it comes to determination.

A poorly defended side center allows San Andreu to equalize with a header inside the small penalty area.

Without suffering, defending in the middle block, leaving the team Javi Molist passing the ball without going too deep, the minutes passed awkwardly, tightly, causing some shock due to the space that always appears behind the two full-backs, neither of whom are virtuosos of positional tactics. Carlos Abad He appeared four times to prevent visits to boarding schools. Without those on the pitch responsible for 16 of Barcelona’s 32 league goals.everything was simpler… although at times it didn’t seem that way.

Marcos Mendez, Hercules’ top scorer, wins position from his marker and begins the race with Jose Rico Perez. Alex Dominguez

In the second half the momentum was the same. The Catalans offer, try to combine, organize their attacks with a pause, with delicacy, but without ending in real danger. Only distant blows Mangada They gave the public reason not to fear the worst until another ball, chased in three quarters, was at their feet From Nava most of San Andreu is under full attack.

Ultimate Race

He turned around and looked at Mendez offer him an easy and clean way out, and he will not hesitate. At that moment, his cross didn’t look like an assist, but it was. Most likely, the African forward converted this into a goal pass, which maneuvered exclusively. With an inside shot and a hip feint, he oriented the ball and left his partner sitting. He began a powerful, dazzling run and stood in front of Jameswho saw his arrival, like a man who sees a tank approaching. The bizoginets barely stopped the stampede. He also did not hesitate and with a sharp kick of his left foot he ended the game, the game, added his eighth goal and with half an hour left, he turned mischief into festive exuberance, into collective joy.

Freed from the burden of responsibility, “Hercules” soon managed to strike the third blow. Again with From Nava in the middle. The midfielder followed the play to the end, running on the opposite side of the ball, and guessed the intention of the ball. Candles, who centered with restraint and from Salamanca completed a superb personal performance that should help him erase from memory his mistake against Espanyol B, making it a thing of the past, an exception. When everything was decided, A. honored guest. Again due to lack of defensive interest, due to attention deficit. In another context, I could ruin everything, dig into the wound, but something changes, mutates for the better, albeit very little.

Data sheet

HERCULES: Carlos Abad, Samu Vazquez, Josema, Juanmi, Candelas; Mangada, Miguel Marie (Diego Lorenzo, 86′); Javi Moreno (Calvin Ketu, 67′), De la Nava, Nico (Richie Dapaa, 75′); and Marcos Mendez (Agustín Coscia, 86′).

SAN ANDREU: James; Jordi, Pelegrin, Sergio Castillo, Genis Blaco; Alexis (Iker Torres, 83′), Guzman (Pau Darbra, 67′), Iker, Sergi Serrano (Romero, 67′); Alberto Garcia (Gorriti, 59 minutes) and Oliva (Tony, 83 minutes).

GOAL: 1-0Min.6: Juanmi. 2-0Min.63′: Mendes. 3-0Min.65: De la Nava. 3-1Min.70: Gorrity.

JUDGE: Alejandro Clemente Ortuño (Murcia). Yellow T.: for De la Nava (18 minutes), Mendes (79 minutes) and Coscia (90 minutes) from Hercules, as well as Oliva (22 minutes), Iker (55 minutes), Gorriti (59 minutes) from San Andreu.

STADIUM: Jose Rico Perez, 7,546 spectators gathered in the stands, almost two hundred of which were Sant Andreu fans.

INCIDENTS: A match corresponding to the 21st round in Group 3 of the Second Federation. The players showed their support for Jose Artiles, who was injured.

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