Here are the 2 hair colors that will be essential when you return from vacation!

This summer, we like to play with reflections, highlighted effects and these sublime ‘sun effects’ in the hair, it’s sexy, it’s sunny, it’s glowy. We are blondes and brunettes at the same time and we bet on this nuanced trompe l’oeil to perfect our cute beach-girl quotient during the holidays. One of the major hair trends of the summer season has consecrated bronde coloring as a real beauty must. In the summer, we are neither blonde nor brunette but we are both. Upon returning from vacation and like every end of summer, a desire for renewal overwhelms us. Want to change your wardrobe, want to have a whole new look and also… Want a whole new beauty face for the start of the school year. And this year more than ever, we’re going back to our essentials and our natural beauty. Whether you are brunette or blonde, only one rule to follow: do not change anything!

With one exception…

You don’t change your hair color BUT you intensify your brown or blonde by betting on mocha brown for brunettes and 70s blonde for blonde heads. At the start of the school year, we wake up the chocolate color and warm it up for an ultra sexy look. Our prettiest brown heads in the beauty sphere have succumbed to it. Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Kaia Gerber swooned over this dense step-up of their brown into an utterly irresistible chocolate mocha. Mocha brown revives our natural brown and makes us more sensual, solar and a bit sophisticated. And with each hair base, its mocha brown! If that of Emili Ratajkowski is ashy, that of Kendall Jenner borders on dark chocolate. The mocha color allows you to display a dense, shiny and shimmering mane and to maintain it over time, what better than a color perfector or color shader treatment.

The baby blond or the perfect blond that will enhance the color of your eyes, warm up your complexion and illuminate your hair to the ends? Yes Yes Yes ! The idea? Go back to her childhood blonde with golden highlights. Exit the platinum blond or the peroxide blond, the return of holidays resolutely natural! This sandy blonde aims to awaken a blonde that can become dull with sea salt and the sun and lose its colorimetric essence. It’s about finding the exact blonde. The one that sticks the most with our complexion and our hair grain. Whether it veers towards caramel for ash blondes or towards milky blonde for light blondes, baby blonde revives your natural blonde in depth. No sun effects or highlights in sight, the 70s blond plays on a rich and full shade to densify your mane and make it ultra desirable. Our scandi fashionistas wear it with so much elegance: Pernille Teisbaek, Hanna Schonberg and Matilda Djerf love the 70s blonde and we see that from one head to another the variations are subtle but visible.

A little final advice: only a hair expert will be able to determine with precision the degree of mocha or baby blond that will sublimate you the most! The beauty appointment is therefore essential to show off a mocha or white chocolate to perfect your back-to-school look…

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