‘Here you come for titles’; Pocho Guzmán was presented with ChivasMediotiempo


Victor Guzman warned on his return to Chivas that the goal is continue adding titles in his career and he hopes that together with his teammates they can respond to those expectations of the fans of the Herd who expect championships in this new stage of the Pocho in Guadalajara.

“I come from playing a FinalI try to transmit all this to my colleagues; glory is the best for football, win a cup and what better than to win it with this institution. I said it a week before, Here we come to win titles and if it is not like that, we are not players for this institution. It is something very simple, it comes from our sports director, that is why the sports director was brought in to raise a championship and we know that the expectations are very high and if we are in a team as privileged as it is Chivas This is how each game will be, ”said Pocho.

Guzman was officially introduced with the Herd sacred to him Closing 2023 and assured that the expectations that the fans have of his football are normal because that is how he has earned it with his performances in the last semesters.

“About the expectations that say I think I’ve earned it with my performances and my way of training every day. Regarding how the fans received me, I did not expect it to be like that, very happy about that and thankful for this project that is being presented and be at home again, ”he said.

In 2020, Guzman was part of Herdbut due to extra-court issues he decided to end the arrangement with the tubes that they had the midfielder again. Two years later he was instrumental in the title of the Opening 2022.

“We talked about it at the time with all the effort that the presidency is making that the only thing that It’s up to me to prove it, give my best with commitment, leadership and thanks. There is no other word than being able to be here representing this shirt and that is it, to give thanks and take advantage of what comes my way in life”, he pointed out.

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