Here you have all the games of the Nintendo Indie World of May

A colorful new crop of familiar and undiscovered indies heads to Nintendo Switch. 20 titles have been shown during Nintendo Indie World in May, including games with their own history on PC and begging to be played in handheld mode, and new adventures that promise countless hours of fun.

Two dozen titles that, to be fair, fail to overshadow a single absence: despite the promised news about Silksong, the long-awaited sequel to Hollow Knight, we are left without dates, news or a simple preview of the game. At least for now. Another thing is that there are no titles that deserve a game, two or many more.

The best indie games of 2022

From classics that pay homage to Nintendo’s legacy from the days of the NES to more experimental proposals or ways to reinvent the traditional narrative of video games. We have even seen a soulslike starring a funny and intrepid crab!

In Extra Life We have gathered in one place the next indies that will arrive on Nintendo Switch and more have caught our attention and, just below, the complete list of everything presented. Will not be silksong, but, as you will see, it is not exactly little.

Another Crab’s Treasure

Crabs play a lot of role in video games, and what Another Crab’s Treasure offers us is at the exact point between genius and absurdity: as Krill the hermit crab, we will cross the bottom of the sea in an intense adventure full of action and manifest aspirations to be measured with Dark Souls. Definitely crazy.


No digital event is complete without at least one contribution from Devolver Digital. As we shall see, he has shown a lot of interesting things here. And, we are not going to deny it, the Nintendo Indie Showcase is its natural environment. In fact, if you’ve been following Card Shark for a long time, we have two good news: not only does it set its arrival for June 2, but you can also get your hands on it with a demo.

Cult of the Lamb

A cult in the middle of the forest, a possessed lamb and a randomly generated world are the main ingredients of Cult of the Lamb. The bad news is that we still haven’t put a date on it, although we know that its console edition will arrive this year on Nintendo Switch, as well as on PlayStation and Xbox.


Are you looking for a new obsession to dedicate absurd amounts of hours to? The Flagship City community will open its doors in the summer and may have everything you need: in addition to raising little beings called ooblets, you can socialize with the locals, decorate every home, and even take part in dance battles in the middle of the street. That it arrives in summer is an unequivocal sign.


A diminutive electrical hero takes on a puzzle platformer to restore electricity to the world. After passing through PC and under the theme of the flow of things, ElecHead combines intuitive features and mechanics in a look that’s intentionally reminiscent of NES 8-bit classics.

sound fall

  • Available from today

Isometric action with extra rhythm in full color settings. sound fall is a dungeon crawler that combines cooperative action for up to 4 players online with music as a resource when clearing enemy scenarios. By the way: there are more than 140 songs available, which is said soon.

wild frost

A collectible card game with strategy and roguelike elements. in which the charisma of the illustrations. The main objective is to put an end to a devastating frost while we give shape and personality to a cute little town based on unlockables.

Wayward Strand

  • Date: July 21, 2022

In an unusual flying hospital, an intrepid teenage journalist wanders through its rooms, learning and taking part in the stories of her patients. She taking notes, discovering the mysteries and gradually solving a great puzzle.


It’s not an umbrella or a shotgun: it’s a Gunbrella. The creators of Gato Roboto bring back the pixel art style and give an extra bit of madness and action to the traditional side-scrolling shooter formula with a noir-punk-style adventure that will confront us with monsters, gangsters and all kinds of pixelated threats .

Mini Motorways

  • Date: Available from today

Don’t be fooled by its minimalist appearance: Mini Motorways is a simple but addictive management game that proposes us to trace and build roads in the most original or efficient way. The challenge is not to learn how to play, but to be able to leave a game halfway through.

Other games shown during Nintendo Indie World in May

In addition to the above games, other great little titles were shown throughout Nintendo Indie World in May that will be re-released for the first time on Nintendo Switch or will be released directly on the eShop. And although we can only put the exact date on a few, the calendar that remains is quite interesting.

  • Batora: Lost Heavenavailable from fall 2022
Nswitchds Batoralostheaven 01

  • Tottaly Acurate Battle Simulatoravailable from summer 2022
Nswitchds Totallyaccuratebattlesimulator 06

  • We are OFKavailable from summer 2022
Nswitchds Weareofk 04

  • SILTavailable from June 2022
Nswitchds Silt 05

  • OneShot: World Machine Editionavailable from summer 2022
Nswitchds Oneshotworldmachineedition 06

  • Gibbon: Beyond the Treesavailable from today
Nswitchds Gibbonbeyondthetrees 01

  • IdolManageravailable from August 25, 2022
Nswitchds Idolmanager 03

  • Cursed To Golf, available from summer 2022
Nswitchds Cursedtogolf 01

  • A Guidebook of Babelavailable from fall 2022
Nswitchds Aguidebooktobabel 06

  • OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Editionavailable from today
Nswitchds Opusechoofstarsongfullbloomedition 03

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