Here’s how a new generation of mature women take care of themselves

Mature women are in fashion: supermodels of the nineties are walking the catwalks again, Kate Moss has already turned 50, and showing off gray hair after the pandemic has ceased to be the exclusive territory of owners of stylish art galleries. Talking about menopause is no longer a taboo, as it is becoming the protagonist of actions and debates dedicated to the issue from a well-being perspective, and, yes, is also the protagonist of many cosmetic innovations aimed at better care of skin, which loses 30% in five years after the appearance of collagen.

Boomers They are approaching retirement, wanting to take care of themselves, show off their good looks and lead an active lifestyle. They are the drivers of 60% of cosmetics sales. Because after years of flirting with millennials and Zetas, the sector did the math and saw that the purchasing power of the Silver generation was multiplied by nine times the purchasing power of the Silver generation. millennials. And if we add to this that, according to Shiseido, in 2030 every sixth person will be over 60 years old, then good prospects for anti-aging lines (or ages wellaccording to new terminology), which are growing at 8% annually and are expected to maintain this pace in the coming years.

The silver generation has nine times the purchasing power of millennials.

The good thing about this power is that mature women no longer have to go on a mad dash to defy the calendar and try to be something they are not. The times when products for them were advertised by girls in their thirties or even younger are not so far away. Today, their role models have gray hair if they want, which is not mandatory, and very well-groomed signs of age. The goal is to maximize the skin’s potential with customized care that will help it resist sagging and loss of density and radiance, which are some of its problems. There are also products inspired by aesthetic medicine—with hyaluronic acid fillers and neuromodulators (commonly known as Botox)—that work directly on the wrinkle to fill it in without injections or punctures.


Potential has no age

The concentrated Vital Perfection Supreme Cream from Shiseido (174 euros) is aimed at the needs of skin from sixty years of age.

The concentrated Vital Perfection Supreme Cream from Shiseido (174 euros) is aimed at the needs of skin from sixty years of age.


Shiseido’s message is loud and clear: life doesn’t end at 50 or 60, and neither does beauty, even if it comes with specific challenges. In addition to the loss of collagen and elasticity, after 60 years of age, microcirculation sharply decreases, as does the saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen, causing the blood to darken and the skin to look less transparent and radiant.

Facial muscles are also the focus of new treatments. ages well, which offers yoga-inspired facial massages and exercises using creams. With age, muscle mass decreases (up to 30% between the ages of 50 and 80). And after 50 years, muscles reduce their strength by up to 15% every decade. The loss and weakening of muscles noticeably affects the structure of the face, resulting in a significant decrease in the definition of facial features. The potential is there, but like almost everything in life, it takes work.

Facial muscles are also the focus of new “good aging” treatments.

The new concentrated cream Vital Perfection Supreme is created for mature skin and acts on four physiological mechanisms – muscular, vascular, skin and nervous system – involved in the manifestations of aging. Its mission: to tighten and sculpt the face, restore skin density and give it radiance.

*Your Weapon: Mogami Safflower, a flower popular in the traditional Japanese pharmacopoeia for its antioxidant and circulatory properties, the extract of which produces an active ingredient that nourishes and oxygenates skin tissue and slows the development of signs of aging.


Smooth out wrinkles, not facial expressions

Botulinum toxin (a favorite of thirtysomethings) and hyaluronic acid fillers are on the podium of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments. According to Filorgi, more than 600,000 aesthetic procedures were performed in 2022, of which more than 40% were performed by neuromodelers (botulinum toxin), the real kings when it comes to delete expression lines, although recently it has been noticed that its results last less time than expected. In addition to treatment, prolonging its results, or as an alternative for those who do not want piercings, cosmetics offers products that act directly on wrinkles to minimize them.

Filorga's Time-Filler Shot 5XP Serum (€59.90) is inspired by injectable treatments from neuromodellers.

Filorga’s Time-Filler Shot 5XP Serum (€59.90) is inspired by injectable treatments from neuromodellers.


After 30 years, expression lines appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes, a barcode between the upper lip and nose, and marionette lines at the corners of the mouth. A whole catalog results from repeated muscle contractions when smiling or frowning. When the skin is young, after contraction it returns to its original state, but with age the skin becomes less elastic and wrinkles remain pronounced.

This is exactly what Time-Filler Shot 5XP focuses on, Filorga’s new concentrated serum with the very successful motto: catch wrinkles, not expressions. It is applied directly to wrinkles using a metal applicator for maximum precision.

*His secret: a duo of peptides (small chains of amino acids) that reduce the intensity of muscle contractions.


Right to the wrinkle

The “wrinkles are beautiful” idea that Adolfo Dominguez applied to fashion seems to be harder to accept in beauty. According to Dior, every third person in the world resorts to aesthetic treatment before the age of 40 (50% in China do so before the age of 25).

Capture Totale Hyalushot by Dior (15 ml, €95), an anti-wrinkle eraser inspired by aesthetic medicine protocols.

Capture Totale Hyalushot by Dior (15 ml, €95), an anti-wrinkle eraser inspired by aesthetic medicine protocols.


Preventing, delaying or correcting the signs of aging is still the watchword for the Silver Generation, although they strive to be more natural and less demanding. When we openly talk about the aesthetic footprint due to the amount of fillers the skin can accumulate by the time it reaches 50 (not all is reabsorbed), the cosmetic option, while not achieving the same results, is being overrated with new formulas. Last ages well by Dior is inspired by hyaluronic acid injections, and even its thin and precise applicator is reminiscent of them.

It is naturally present in the body, but with age its synthesis drops sharply – 75% over 30 years, Dior experts say – and dehydration and the appearance of wrinkles increase. The Capture Totale Hyalushot formula combines two high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids; A multi-fermented longosa extract that improves the attachment of stem cells and plant polymers to achieve a plumping and tightening effect.

Isaac Salido

Gray hair: how and when to leave it

Stylist Isaac Salido's Silver Ladies celebrate gray hair without stereotypes

Stylist Isaac Salido’s Silver Ladies celebrate gray hair without stereotypes

Calvin Smith

“Grey is a beautiful color when worn with pride and confidence,” says hairstylist Isaac Salido. They are fashionable and assert their right to age publicly through empowerment and respect for their own identity. They look great on Andie MacDowell and Caroline de Monaco. More and more women are choosing to avoid the slavery of dyes, but we must understand that between coloring and the beautiful silver-gray hair that some sport, they have to go through a transition period that lasts months and is not easy to endure.

Reflections, highlights mixing with gray hair, gray mixingbleaching for the impatient… First of all, put yourself in the hands of a professional who will analyze our hair and advise which procedure is best to follow in each case, because the transition is easier on light hair.

Gray hair is beautiful when worn with pride and confidence.”

Isaac SalidoStylist

When should you consider letting your gray hair show? “When coloring is a test and gray hair is at least 50%. The more gray hair, the better,” says Isaac Salido. His solution to speed up the transition—no one can take four months away from you—is “a nice cut, with a tousled effect that hides the roots. With gray hair you can get incredible look,” he says. For him, highlights aren’t always the best transition ally: “I think the end result doesn’t work, that the highlights can’t turn silvery. After two washes, yellowing begins to appear,” he warns. “Eventually your hair will get damaged and you’ll have to cut it,” he predicts.

Makeup color and the right accessories—glasses and necklaces—add extra style that makes gray hair look modern without adding age.

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