Here’s how I set up the Fire TV Stick to avoid screen flickering.

There is no doubt that additions like Fire TV stick They are essential to make your TV smarter. But you also need to take into account some basic concepts to properly set up this type of device if you want an optimal experience and comfortable use. For example, there is an option that can give some screen flickering glitch if not configured correctly.

Fire TV Stick is one of the best options you can buy if you want to enjoy all the streaming content. Setting it up is the easiest thing in the world as you just need to plug the included dongle into one of the HDMI ports on your TV and it will start working. It also includes a remote control to control all the content available on this small device. But doubts arise when some error appears that we do not know how to solve because incorrectly configured.

Flickering on the screen

This is a case of screen flickering, which can happen for several reasons, but the main one is that its settings are not perfectly assigned, so you will have to adjust them both on the Amazon plug and on the TV itself. However, this type of technical problem has a simple solution as it is just a question calibrate parameters Fire TV Stick to fit your TV screen.

The best part is that the native image of our Smart TV is in 16:9 as standard format so it doesn’t cause any conflicts when setting up with Fire TV Stick and is fully compatible. Once we’ve done that, it’s time to go into the settings of our Fire TV Stick and start with screen calibration and other small settings that need to be selected manually.

Fire TV Stick calibration screen

How to Calibrate the Screen on Fire TV Stick

If you see your TV screen flickering from time to time when you are playing content on any model of Fire TV Stick or just in the main menu interface, you need to make the following adjustments in this tool:

  • First, go to the Fire TV Stick Settings tab and find the option Screen and sound and then scroll to where it says Screen.
  • Once inside, there will be several options where you will have to Screen calibration First check if the flickering problem is gone. To do this, adjust the corners and sides until the screen fits correctly and is the same size.
  • Play a movie or TV series or any other content to check if the problem is completely gone.

If you notice that the screen continues to flicker, you can make other adjustments in the same Screen section. Thus Video resolution, which you will need to set to Automatic. After in Match Frame Rate select Off Color depth and color format The normal thing is that they are in 8 bits and in auto respectively and finally Dynamic Range Settings leave it on Adaptive.

If after these adjustments you see that the flickering persists, it is best to reboot Amazon Fire TV Stick and restore default settings from My Fire TV.

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