Here’s how you can find the best clothing deals at Costco.

In the US, Costco is a good alternative for great deals on clothing. One of the best ways is to shop online as this is where the best sales are offered.

If you use a Costco clothing coupon, you can save 20 to 35%. These coupons are also known as clothing coupons and what makes them special is that they vary in terms of savings. This was confirmed by Marie Clark, retail expert and editor of the CostContessa portal.

Typically, discounts are activated when you purchase five items (save $30) or ten items (save $50).

Additionally, during special offers, these savings can be much greater. This way, the coupon is automatically applied to your cart when you reach the minimum purchase requirement.

Along with using a clothing coupon, it is also recommended to combine it with clearance and clearance prices. In this sense, the editor of the CostContessa portal recommends looking for prices on the Costco website that end in 7 or 0.

To give you an idea, if a $14.99 pair of women’s pajamas is marked down to $9.97, they might only cost $5. This will be combined with a clothing coupon when purchasing ten items.

On the other hand, buying basic items is one of the most common suggestions from fashion experts. The idea was to buy products such as socks, underwear and sportswear, known for their excellent value for money.

It should be noted that seasonal items such as winter jackets and sportswear tend to have lower prices compared to competitors.

What other strategies can you use to find clothing deals?

Looking for established brands may be an option. Costco not only sells its own brand (Kirkland), but also carries brands such as 7 For All Mankind, Banana Republic and Levi’s.

In addition, popular Calvin Klein, Adidas or Tommy Hilfiger appear in these stores from time to time at very good prices. In fact, it’s surprisingly possible to find luxury items like the Burberry trench coat.

However, a benefit that few people know about is that Costco sells extended sizes online. This represents a very attractive savings opportunity as these sizes usually have the best selection on sale.

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