Here’s how you can watch 2 channels at the same time on Movistar Plus+: record the trick

Television consumption has changed a lot; So much so that today you can find different ways to do it in the most convenient and interesting way that suits your interests. This is what platforms and operators such as Movistar Plus+ allow us to do with solutions for watching our favorite content.

Watching two channels at the same time is something that can be extremely useful in many cases. In traditional TVs or decoders, this is usually possible if we have a dual tuner or when we use this feature known as PiP (Picture in Picture) using two different sources, such as DTT and HDMI. Since 2020, Movistar Plus+ has activated this new feature in Movistar UHD 4K decoders. We tell you how it works and how to activate it. How is this possible? Here we will explain everything to you.

Watch two channels at the same time

Nowadays, we are more than accustomed to watching TV while using our mobile phone, tablet, etc. And this is because we are already multi-screen users. For this reason, using two channels simultaneously does not present any problems. Moreover, many people even find it easy to follow the content of both channels at the same time.

Moreover, thanks to the advent of streaming platforms, we now decide for ourselves what to watch, when and how we want to watch a series, film, TV show… And therefore, if we want watch two channels at the same timeif you have Movistar Plus+, it’s even easier.

This is possible on the Movistar platform thanks to the function “Picture in Picture” This is how this tool is known, which allows us to see one image on top of another. Also known as Pip.

PiP function in Movistar Plus+

This PiP mode that we find on the Movistar platform makes things easier for us. Moreover, because we can watch two television channels at the same time without any problems. In particular, this allows us to see two TV channels at the same time at the choice of each user. This achieves that one of the channels we select is displayed in a large size, while the other channel remains in a small window. As we can see in the following image:

Movistar Plus+ PIP function for viewing two channels

Keep in mind that the sound of the channel that will be played is the sound of the main channel. This way, the other party’s sound will remain quiet. In any case, you can swap both channels. To access this feature you must have UHD deco and fiber optic connection.

Once we meet these requirements, we must take into account that this feature is compatible with most channels, although not all. Now we only need to know how to access Movistar Plus+ PiP function. While on any channel, open the mini-guide and scroll down to the PiP icon. Then press “OK” on the remote control. This way the tuned channel is fixed in the upper right corner.

Additionally, as we mentioned earlier, we can change channel position No problem. And remember that the sound will only be heard from the main channel, that is, the one that is displayed in full screen mode on the TV, and not the one that appears in the small window in the upper right corner.

Upon startup, the operator confirmed that everything channels Movistar has this feature except:

  • UHD 4K channels (temporary)
  • 0 Advertising M+
  • 29 Click Movies
  • 44 Multisport
  • 100 Netflix
  • 111 Playboy
  • 220 Mosaic F1
  • 221 Multicam F1
  • 222 Multicam F1
  • 223 Multicam F1
  • 224 Multicam F1
  • 225 Multicam F1
  • 226 Multicam F1

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