Hermès criticized for selling paper envelopes worth 2 thousand pesos

Industry fashion luxury has become one of the most relevant in recent years, especially after many brands Iconic will release products creative and has no equal. Now one of them is Hermès, which is being criticized for selling a paper sleeve for $125.

It has been recorded that the fashion industry is one of the most traditional and strong in terms of revenue, so its data is changing day by day, allowing this sector to position itself as the largest player in e-commerce, with China being the largest market. in the world.

It is reported that in 20231, the global market value of the fashion industry was 760 million euros, and in 2022, Fast Fashion reached 100 million euros, positioning itself in the relevant market.

Hermès paper envelope worth 2 thousand pesos.

After going viral, Hermès is being ridiculed for going so far as to sell one paper envelope for around $125.

The luxury design company, known for its Birkin bags, offers a wide range of expensive and eye-catching stationery products.

This is Hermès signature orange paper envelope, A5 size, 8.26″ long x 5.82″ wide, silk wrapped, reusable and made in France.

“This keepsake can be sent as a special invitation or even a declaration of love. A lasting way to turn your records into wonderful memories,” reads the description on the Hermès UK website.

There are several envelope designs available, and Hermès tells customers that “the patterns and colors of your product will be a surprise.”

Hermès also sells several expensive paperweights, including the 7.5-inch Samarcande model for $2,950.

“In 2011, the Samarkand chess knight became a paperweight, an icon of the House,” says the description published on the American Hermès website.

“This season it has been reinvented in bronze, an alloy that requires transformation when exposed to fire, and in a slightly larger format. Neatly patinated edges emphasize the density of the material.”

The collection also includes a $405 mouse pad and a $780 mail tray to hold all those fancy envelopes.

One TikToker has made some of these luxury products go viral with an impressive review.

“How can you keep your papers from flying around without a Hermès mushroom paperweight?” Comedian Benton McClintock wondered about the $1,350 item while browsing a collection of pretentious homes online.

“At first I thought that the mushroom was a stool, thinking that it was expensive for a stool, by no means the cost of a PAPER,” one commentator emphasized.

@bentonmcclintock #hermes #homedecor #neccessities #barenenecities #important ♬ original sound – Benton McClintock

“I wish I paid $13.50 for this,” another promised.

“We’re literally just a rich man’s joke,” someone else said.

“I took out a second mortgage on a mushroom paperweight,” joked a fourth.

This is not the first time that a brand’s product in this sector has come under criticism, as Balenciaga has received comments about its strange products, such as the bath towel skirt, which even the Ikea brand has ridiculed.

And so, as with these launches, experts say the new trend for luxury brands is to create copies of “regular” products, but at prices that few can afford.

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