He’s going to sleep in one of the hotels with the worst reviews in the entire country and what he does is awesome

TikTok user @georgeredfern25 has conducted an amazing experiment: he went to spend a night at The Ashton Arms Hotel, a hotel located in Manchester. The dubious honor of having one of the worst ratings From all over the United Kingdom.

The user wanted to see if he could find enough items to give a good review… And he achieved it, albeit with somewhat awkward style.

“Today I’m staying in one of the worst-rated hotels in the United Kingdom and I’m leaving a positive review. The only rule: I can’t lie,” he began by saying, before shedding light about the hotel. of. Overall score of 1.7 out of 5 And it garners more one-star reviews than all the others combined.

“When I checked in to the hotel, the guy at the front desk was very friendly and directed me to the room, so that’s a star,” he says first. Show your views through the window, which overlooked a Tesco supermarket. “Wow!” he shouts.

Then he shows how he inspects the sheets “An ultraviolet light to see any stains” Which he couldn’t find, so he gave them another star.

Then he notices that the TV is not working And notes, “I turn on the room and realize the hotel is helping me reduce my screen time so I can sleep better. Another star.”

And more: “My plug-in radiator had wheels, So I decided to take him for a walk, Which provided me entertainment at night. Five Stars”.


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