HIBISCUS SABDARIFFA | The best infusion to reduce belly fat and volume

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The stomach is one of the most complex parts of the body. lose weight. Although we follow balanced diet and let’s do it physical exercise, this area resists us. If you also want reduce belly volume and show off a flatter stomach, today we have some good news for you. We are going to talk to you about a very useful infusion forreduce accumulated fat in the abdomen and thighsYes. This is about hibiscus infusion (hibiscus), cinnamon and lemon.infusion hibiscus also called Jamaican water or Jamaican flower juice.because it consists of cups Roselle. This is an herbal tea with a very distinctive taste, reminiscent of cranberry, and if you are consistent, you will soon notice how it begins to work and shrink your love handles and cartridges.


Hibiscus and its properties for weight loss

Jamaica Flower or Hibiscus is an excellent diuretic. this will help youremove toxins and reduce abdominal swelling. By preventing fluid retention, it is also very effective in fighting cellulite and consuming it will help. reduce hip centimeters.

An infusion of hibiscus flowers will help you lose weight

hibiscus prevents the accumulation of fat in the bodyne in areas such as the abdomen and thighs. It is also very beneficial for digestion and helps fight heartburn and other stomach discomforts.

In addition, it contains vitamin C, so it is ideal for preventing colds and colds that are so common these days and helps calm the nerves.

For all these reasons, Hibiscus is an ideal option for natural weight loss.

Hibiscus tea is a great ally for reducing belly fat.

How to make hibiscus tea

Prepare it Hibiscus tea to reduce belly fat It’s very simple. You will need 7 dried hibiscus flowers, half a tablespoon of cinnamon powder, juice of half a lemon and water. Place the hibiscus flowers and cinnamon in a saucepan and let the water boil, stirring occasionally. Keep the mixture on low heat for 10 minutes and remove from heat. Let stand for a few minutes, strain the mixture and add juice of half a lemon. Now you have your hibiscus infusion ready. burn fat.

Hibiscus tea is ideal for losing belly fat

How much hibiscus tea should you drink per day to reduce belly fat?

He hibiscus tea This is a very suitable drink for reduce body fat but, like everything, it should not be abused. Ideally drink a cup hibiscus infusion per day as a complement to a healthy low-fat diet.

Hibiscus infusion will help you lose weight

This drink can be drunk hot or cold. It has a characteristic reddish tint and is a good accompaniment to lunch or dinner. healthy snack or as a digestive dessert to complete a meal or dinner.

Although it is a natural drink, it is not recommended for pregnant women or people with very low blood pressure.

Best time of day to drink hibiscus infusion

hibiscus infusion It does not contain stimulants like other teas. For this reason, it can be taken at any time of the day, even at night, without fear of causing sleep problems.

An infusion of ginger and lemon is ideal for weight loss

Although this hibiscus tea can help you a lot in achieving your belly reduction goal, it is really important to weardiet balanced and execute physical exercise on a regular basis. This is the only way you can achieve your goal and forget about extra pounds forever.

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