Hideo Kojima confirms Elle Fanning for his new game and shows the silhouette of another mysterious actress

Hideo Kojima is one of a kind, no doubt about it. The father of Snatcher, Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding has been generating rumors and theories around him for months thanks to his peculiar way of announcing, or rather preparing the ground in advance, his new projects. We had been trying for several days to find out who is that actress who appeared in a dark image accompanied by the question “Where am I?”; we already know who he is, but now another mystery has arisen.

The actress in question is the American Mary Elle Fanning, which we have seen many times on the big screen (Super 8, Maleficent, The Neon Demon, CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds…). After solving the puzzle, it is time to try to solve one more, since Kojima has shared, again, another face of an actress very difficult to identify.

Place your bets

The question “Where am I”, the silhouette of a face and the dark tone of the image are repeated. How could it be otherwise, Twitter users have already set to work to try to find out who it is. Some have adjusted the light tones of the photograph in search of clues, while others are guided by the shape of their ears and have even focused on an element that can help unravel the mystery: the presence of some other piercing in your ears.

Just a few hours after uploading the image, there are already several names that we have been able to read in the players’ pools: Olivia Wilde, Natalie Portman, Daisy Ridley, Ana de Armas, Margaret Qwalley, Emma Stone… The list grows by the minute. Soon we will know who it is, but what fun is it to play who is who?

The unknowns never end when the Japanese creative is in the spotlight. In fact, we don’t even know what project will feature these actresses: Kojima is collaborating with Microsoft, but it is also a reality that Death Stranding 2 is on the table.

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