Hidetaka Miyazaki neither confirms nor denies rumors of a Bloodborne remaster

After announcing the release date for Shadow of the Erdtree, the Elden Ring DLC, FromSoftware’s president spoke about Bloodborne and a possible remaster.

Today was an unforgettable day for fans of Elden Ring, GOTY 2022 and FromSoftware’s latest success. Shadow of the Erdtree release date confirmedan expansion that will take us back to the Middle Lands.

Shadow of the Erdtree revealed its first gameplay, editions, price and release date. You can find out all the details in this news about it.

But FromSoftware lives not only in the Elden Ring. Guided Study Hidetaka Miyazaki He has other great games, the most famous of which is Bloodborne, along with the Dark Souls saga.

Since its release on PS4 in 2015, Gothic SoulSike is no more (but people still play it like they did on day one). Yes, we had DLC, but no rumors of a sequel or a next-gen remaster for PS5 and PC.

Will this come true one day? Well for now It’s more of a dream than realitybut at least Hidetaka Miyazaki didn’t forget any of his stellar performances.

Miyazaki talks Bloodborne


FromSoftware hasn’t forgotten Bloodborne. They know that this is one of the most beloved games in the gaming community, and that the announcement of a remake/remaster/sequel will make a lot of people happy.

In an interview with Eurogamer, the FromSoftware president made it clear that They’re still amazed at what they achieved with Bloodborne.a game that I love very much.

We value this title very much, as do our fans. I’m really pleased to see that so many people are still passionate about it.”.

When asked about a possible remaster for PS5 and PC, Miyazaki replied… but I leave a ray of hope for hope.

Hidetaka Miyazaki

Simply put, I’m very pleased to see that this game brought back a lot of specific memories for both me and the staff who worked on it. And when we see these passionate voices in the community, it certainly excites us, we feel very lucky that we have this and have these memories.”.

Interestingly, the president of FromSoftware mentioned equipment as a determining factor, we don’t know if this is related to Bloodborne or not. Does this mean we could see a remake or sequel on the next generation PlayStation?

I think having new equipment is definitely part of what gives these remakes value. Things you couldn’t achieve on previous generations of hardware, ways in which you couldn’t render certain expressions, and new hardware makes it possible.”.

PlayStation 5 D slim body

Perhaps that’s why Bloodborne hasn’t returned yet. remember, that Sony will also be working on a PlayStation 5 pro model.which will be announced in the coming months.

For now, Bloodborne remains a PS4 exclusive. It can be played on PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility, but no to the desired 60 FPS (no next-gen patch) despite some users being able to unlock the specified framerate for the game.

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