Hierro got rid of Luis Puente for his bad attitude

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The young striker, who was one of the gems of the Guadalajara youth team, could leave the team due to problems that could not be corrected at Floca.

Fernando Hierro got rid of Luis Puente for bad attitude
© JAM MEDIA/IMAGO 7Fernando Hierro got rid of Luis Puente for bad attitude

Luis Puente He was one of the most important promises of the Chivas youth team in recent years; However, everything indicates that forward will leave the Pack be part of Pachuca starting from the next Clausura 2024, because he would enter into negotiations for José Castillo.

Although Neither Guadalajara nor Los Tuzos have made an official transfer. Various red-and-white fans spoke about the young scorer.Dissatisfaction with the conditions that were noticeable to the forward; However, Fernando Hierro and company had a reason to include him in the negotiations.

TV Azteca communicator Alejandro Ramirez reported that departure from Puente del Rebaño This happened due to questions of bad behavior that the football player began to present over a period of several months in which he was not taking proper care of himself physically and began exhibiting behavior that was not acceptable in the facility.

“When he left Verde Valle and a relative came to live with him, He confused freedom with debauchery So they didn’t like it anymore. Permanent injuries “x” or “z”, and I don’t mean the serious ones he received, but others that were caused by problems of lack of special care. They could not control it, and this is what is unofficially known about this topic,” the interlocutor explained on his YouTube channel.

It must be remembered that in “Pastva” puts the issue of professionalism at the forefronthence They don’t want to have problems with indiscipline. from the players of the main forces, so this would be an additional reason for Fernando Hierro to make such a controversial decision.

How did the negotiations between Chivas and Pachuca go?

Early reports indicate that Guadalajara had toI’m parting with about $2.5 million. plus a letter from Luis Puente to be able to close the deal for José Castillo, a footballer who can play as a central or right back.

Survey What should Chivas have done with Luis Puente?

What should Chivas have done with Luis Puente?

Send him on loan to another club.


When will Chivas participate in the Clausura 2024?

After Liga MX officially unveiled the competition calendar, it was confirmed that Guadalajara will make a presentation at the next tournament on this day Saturday, Jan. 13, on the field at Akron Stadium. the day they get Santos Laguna.

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