his last game was against France


The relationship between the Athletic of Madrid and Rodrigo De Paul is not the best since the Qatar 2022 World Cup ended. The midfielder is experiencing an ordeal at the beginning of 2023, apparently Cholo Simeone is not convinced by the work and style of play of the Argentine, current champion of the world.

“Since the beginning of this year, De Paul has not added a single minute with the mattress shirt. He was a substitute in the defeat against Barcelona and this Sunday he was also a substitute in the 1-1 draw against Almería. The reasons are unknown, but the Argentine does not add minutes and that is worrying ”, explains Diario Marca.

The last match in which the Argentine played, Rodrigo De Paul, was in the World Cup final, against France, where Lionel Scaloni’s team became champion. Tini’s couple was vital to achieve the title, and was also a starter in all games.


The departure of the ‘motorcito’ was something that Atlético de Madrid was willing to sell to the player before and after Qatar, but after finishing the World Cup they wanted to sell it at a price that would allow him to recover the 36 million euros he invested for De Paul.

So far no offer has arrived in this winter market, so they assure that it will come out no matter what in the middle of the year, when many clubs take the opportunity to make large investments.

Other options is that he goes on loan to a team.

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