his new initiative to destigmatize mental health

Selena Gomez wants to break the mental health stigma. Never hesitating to get involved in the topic, he launched a new platform called “Wondermind” to go even further. “No matter how depressed or overwhelmed you feel, we’ve been there too,” the site says. So we’ve created a space where you can relax every day with heartfelt conversations, physical tools, everyday content, and a supportive community. A place where there is no room for judgment.

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“A space to relax”

To bring this project to fruition, Selena Gomez teamed up with Daniela Pearson, CEO of “The Newsette” and her mother, Mandy Teefey. “Each of us had our own mental health challenges and we realized that there was no place that was inclusive, fun and easy for people to come together to explore, discuss and deal with their feelings. So we created it, ”the trio wrote in an Instagram post on November 18.

“I am very excited about Wondermind, because I want there to be a place where people meet and understand that they are not alone,” said artist Rare in a comment. Presentation video also published on November 18th. Daniela Pearson added: “Your brain is really like a muscle and to make it work every day you need content and tools, which we are very happy to offer you”. Wondermind, scheduled for February 2022, will feature a podcast interviewing celebrities on their mental health journey.

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