History repeats itself: Mother 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch, but only in Japan

As usually happens every time NintendoDirectThe Japanese broadcast of the event contained different announcements compared to what we saw in Spain, Europe and North America: this time, a classic game appeared in the partners’ showcase, announcing its arrival in Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Packhowever, only in Japan.

This game was nothing less than Mother 3, part of the Earthbound saga that never left the Asian country. Since it doesn’t have one, the game doesn’t even have an official English translation (let alone Spanish), as Nintendo itself felt it didn’t make sense on a commercial level. Now Japanese players By subscribing to the Switch service, they will be able to use it in hybrid, while in the rest of the world we will have to continue to wait.

Mother 3a cult game that will never reach the West

The curious thing is that This isn’t the first time this has happened this: it was launched already in 2015 Mother 3 on WiiU via Virtual Console. The re-release of this game on Switch reminded the fan community of Earthbound, who has been asking for the return of this cult game for many years. This is something that Nintendo has been exploring, but it hasn’t come to fruition until now, and this new feature dampens hopes that it will happen at some point.

Although Mother 3 is not available in the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, it is worth remembering that both Earthbound How Earth related beginning Yes, they can be played on Switch with a subscription.

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