Hokas leaves a mysterious phrase… Announcing his retirement?

ORnews that no one expected and which came completely unexpectedly to the community Twitch Spain. One of the greatest creators in terms of numbers, which he is ElJocas announced today that 2024 It will be the last one generating content.

This is definitely a big surprise, especially considering his recent move to New house it was intended and created entirely for live performances. This also attracts even more attention if we take into account the character of the Galician, who always tried to stay on top and be even more.

Perhaps one of the reasons that prompted you to make such a radical decision is vision problems, which he recently mentioned that he suffered from. Something that might have made him give get back into your life, combined with the normal wear and tear after being on everyone’s lips in the first months of the year. First it was his house, and then the whole mess between Knoweats and Wetakain addition to his participation in Wild dog fighting tournament.

Hokas live

In fact, the purchase of what is now his food company may have been intended it is a retreat that may have already been brewing. In any case, if this were so, no one could have thought that this would happen. sudden and immediate.

Now we just have to wait to see if this decision is final total and irreparable or if, on the contrary, it is a joke or something not yet fully thought out. Only a Galician has the answeralthough at this point his fans will be more than saddened by the creator’s departure.

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