Honduran football player emigrates to the USA!


Life in Honduras is usually very difficult from an economic point of view, which is why many people pack their bags every day and make the decision to emigrate to Honduras with great enthusiasm. USAa situation from which even professional football players cannot escape.

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When Allen Pilin» Carcamo This is a clear example that leaving the country can be the solution to many of your problems. The player already tried this some time ago, but in 2024 he has embarked on a path that has no turning back.

TEN He learned that the center back, owned by Potros de Olancho, was heading towards the “American Dream” before the Clausura tournament began. He could only wait until the end of the previous championship to begin his thorny expedition.

El Pilín was not registered by Olancho’s team for the upcoming tournament, making it their sixth loss in the first tournament of the year. The 32-year-old defender played 11 games in the last Apertura, where the team reached the playoffs.

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During the debut tournament (Apertura 2022) Foals In the First Division, Professor Humberto Rivera received news that one of his main players had left the country to go “wet”; It was from Pilin Karkamo himself.

“He personally told me after the game with UPN that he was going to go, but I didn’t attach any importance to it, because I thought it was a joke and that now was not the time to leave. But the next day he did not show up for training, and the players noted that he had left. We started writing to him on WhatsApp and he told me,” said D.T. Olancho FC To TEN in November 2022.

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He added: “Allan told me he was going to go because he had a girlfriend there and that he would send him. But in the end I regretted it and returned a week later. Why did he come back? Perhaps he didn’t like the road (laughs).”

In the next tournament Closing 2023He Olancho FC reached the grand final and Allan Carcamo He started the return match, which they lost 3-2. Olympia in Tegucigalpa. The player began his football career with Social Sol and later played for Real Sociedad.

Allan Carcamo played three tournaments for Olancho in the First Division.

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